Monday, April 20, 2015

I still believe...

I've been more quiet than normal the past couple of weeks. Missed even my favorite feature Sunday Salon.

I've been busy! Job hunting is hard work! So is rethinking the hunt.

Remember that time I opened my own store? Well I have a couple of things left over out of my inventory, I still have my tax ID number and business entity paperwork and I have internet access and some inherent knowledge. What's that mean?

A couple of things.  Please join me for the re-grand opening of the re-modeled
You may not find me at my old (and most wonderful address) but you CAN find me here...

After all.... a little shameless promotion never hurt anyone right? And who know? you may find that certain something or that perfect title. Now anytime you want to peruse a unique bookstore you can! I'm always open. 

You can also find my more current titles at my eBay store here...

I just couldn't just quit. Right?

I can't wait to keep listing really interesting titles!! 

I hope you all stop in :)

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