Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sometimes it not about Luck but about Time

If you've followed my blog (it's ok, you can lie) you've seen that I've had a devil of a time getting into this book. I have two reasons that happened, and both have to do with me, not the book. One of those is time.

I don't mean time as in I don't have time for this... I'm between employments at the moment so I most certainly do have the clock space for it... I mean time as in a certain emotional or intellectual availability. Night before last, having temporarily abandoned In The Heart of the Sea. (I'm not a fan, and it's intra-library loan so no renewals) I picked up Some Luck.

and it was like I opened a different book! I hung on every word and had to force myself to put it down for the night.

So what changed... well obviously, I did, but how? What was different? I have less peace in my life, I still have a TBR pile that spans not only my night stand but 2 huge bookcases downstairs, the weather is nicer, all things that should make me Less apt to read with literary savor.

Mood. yes it probably comes down to that ambiguous term. I'm in the mood for it. some days are cheeseburgers and some days are Lobster & Filet Mignon. I'm having a refined literary pallet sort of time apparently.

Not that there's anything wrong with cheeseburgers, eat what you like,

but I'm a fan of culinary, I mean literary, diversity. (I'm becoming my metaphor here...and getting hungry). I must have been craving more cheeseburgers before which may mean the lobster tastes all that much better now.

Whichever... what it boils down to, is Ms Smiley is one hell of a chef!!

So if you too have a book that your circle seems to think you'd like, and you find you're not that into it, don't forget it forever, return and see if it's your flavor later.

which is what I'll have to do with In The Heart of the Sea.... I suppose, huh?

I'll get to the second reason I feel I wasn't scarfing Some Luck down to begin with in another post, but suffice it say, it has less to do with food and more to do with monsters... the green eyed variety.

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