Sunday, June 14, 2015

Business is a blessing...

Time //  10:49
Eating // made some pancakes and a couple sausage patties
Drinking // at least I added french vanilla creamer to it..
Weather // Rained this morning but overcast and humid now. (same weather as last week)
READING // One Small Barking Dog ~ Ed Gungor

I've been slowly reading this book for a couple weeks. I love this book. It's full of gems applicable to daily life, to a life of growth, quiet, daily growth. And while, as a book snob, Christian self-help books haven't been high on my literary list, this one is pretty sweetly written! It speaks to me. And hopefully I can go back through it and mark some of the pieces that really move me. Making my life meaningful in a day by day, like this "courage is an amazing thing because it helps us deal with whatever life throws at us... it helps us keep an even keel through it all. It emboldens us with fortitude to work through failure as well as helping us hold on the personal integrity required to prevent compromise when we experience success. Courage helps us live well." It helps me to be reminded it takes effort, this life, even when it's going well. I'm used to fighting through the tough times, but I want to be prepared for the good times too. 

Made a little more progress. I'm still totally not impressed by this. I'm disheartened that it's been picked up for a movie. Ms. Kubica has wonderful ideas, interesting characters (the bare bone character description that is), and a sense of story pace, but she would benefit from an editor that pushed her to tighten her writing. Or it's just me. And trust me...these are HUGE fears I have about the nature of my own writing, so I'm really rooting for her to grow and improve!!


Almost finished with this. Just when I'm all acquainted with a character...bam! change! so that's fun :)
Watching // Orange is the New Black - season 3

So how, exactly, do I go from Christian non-fiction to ONB? I got caught up in the story line, and my daughters are huge fans so i started watching with. We'll be done with the newly released season 3 today. It does get both funny and poignant. Not my favorite. But it's ok. 

Music // Nothing much really.
Blogging // As was pointed out last week by one of my blogosphere friends, at least I'm consistent :)
Acquisitions // I did order a couple text books!! 
Hating  // Not having enough time in the day to do all I want to do!!

Loving // Moving forward with my goals... more on this in a sec.

Writing // Working on a couple things. The most significant being revision of my NANOWRIMO piece. more on THIS, too, in a sec.
Avoiding //  Posting to Etsy. I've got quite a few pieces to put up and I'm just not getting to it.

Last week I bemoaned the fact that, despite my advanced state of Non-traditional-student-hood, I'm still after my Bachelors. I shouldn't be like that. The point is... I"M BACK IN SCHOOL!! I'm still pursing my education! I'm getting my bachelors and then applying to the Master's program in Library Science. 
In the meantime I've taken a huge step with my other pursuit...
by time and by money I could only afford a weekend workshop. But I'm signed up for a WEEKEND WORKSHOP!!!! I extremely excited to be taking this step.

I figured out, through years of navel gazing and tossing around the tired intention 'oh yeah I like to write, someday I'd like to be published, I'm working on a novel' that writing has been my Ace in the Hole. It's been my Light of Earendil, My most Beloved Star, a light for me when all other light goes out. (Lord of the Rings, for anyone unfamiliar).In other words, if I fail in all aspects of my life, I still had the hope that my success, my purpose, my God Given Gift, is my writing. BUT...if I ever put that out there and failed in that too...well, you can see where a big ole dose of fear has kept me from playing this card. 

My first paper I turned in at 18 at University in Freshman English came back with an A++ You Can Write written on it. I dropped out not long after that, like about a week. What does that say? Volumes? Dr. Rivers, this effort is for you. I hope I can live up to the ability you thought you saw in me. 

I WAS published once. Just sayin... Non-fiction piece. Buckmaster Magazine. 2002. So it's been awhile. 

The saddest part is that not trying my writing as a life not treating it PROFESSIONALLY,  may have also kept me from some deeply gratifying experiences, from finding my actual niche. Regardless... I am where I am now. Stepping out. Giving something a shot. 

Trying out yet another piece of courage. I'm no stranger to culturally defined setbacks known as 'failure'. I at least keep looking and keep trying and keep hoping...

New stuff needs a new Doo, don't you think?


  1. You go! Wish you the best!

  2. Your new dow is really cute! :)

  3. I love your hair, LOVE :D

    You have so much going on, you busy little bee. Best of luck with all of your goals!