Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sleepy Sunday near the end of June

Time //  5:13 (late I know)
Eating // Tuna and noodles, which I hate. 
Drinking // the usual
Weather // More June rain.
READING // Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley

I almost done with this!! woot! I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with it. I mean, I do know, because I"ve discussed that before (what with the characters and plot being a whole lot like a whole lot of people and stories I actually KNOW as an Iowan). but you'd think for the love of the writing I'd be thrilled to go on.


I'm not commuting anymore so I'm not listening as often. I've also decided I seriously do not like the person reading. Not a prudent choice IMHO. 
Watching // Midnight In Paris 
It was a total fluke that I chose this film. Even though it came out back in 2011, I hadn't even heard of this movie and I had no idea it was about a writer! Or about the Iconic masters that this particular writer came into contact with.  I picked it up because I simply haven't seen that much Woody Allen and I'm put off enough by him to not want to watch one he's actually in, so when I was shelving this during my shift at the library Saturday, I opted to check it out. 
 While maybe not 5 starts, it is up there on my list of movies I'm now totally enamored with! The ensemble cast is fantastic and the plot is a fun frolic through the 'grass is always greener' thinking we can all go through. If you're a fan of anyone from Dali to Hemingway to the struggling screen writer who want to write something worthy, this is a fun film and I highly recommend it.
Music // I'm enjoying some acoustical while I'm working. I'm finding I like that very much. This week I went through the Lord of the Rings soundtrack...about 5 times.
Blogging // Soooo, whaddya think of the blog? I did it myself :) and a couple ACTUAL posts! I'm getting there!
Acquisitions // I was sent a review copy of a fun looking book!! I should be starting it in a couple days now.
I did a little preview reading when it arrived and I didn't want to put it down!
Hating  // This is easy today... having this summer cold. I just got it. all in the chest and a tickle cough. I'm not big on tons of meds, anyone have a great kitchen cupboard remedy to a cough?
Loving // Working at the library. I can't say enough. I just LOVE it!!
isn't she gorgeous!!!!

Writing // I've been doing quite a bit of writing and revising. I've also done some reading lately that practically scares me off wanting to try!
There's a local literary magazine that I pick up from time to time that has just blown me out of the water. I'm going to devote an entire blogpost to it. It's worth it and there's so much more to discuss than the amazing quality of work they have to offer. 
When I read from the Almanac, I'm not picking up a hacked out piece done by someone for freshman english, no these are MFA grads, teachers, poets, published authors...this is a hidden gem!! Glimmertrain has nothing on these guys!
Avoiding //  Posting some new items to my Etsy shop. For one the weather hasn't given me a good picture day when I could utilize it. I have books and vintage goodies going up.


An A and a B so far on exams for summer session. My daughters get mad at me if I stress over the B. They tell me not to be one of THOSE students. 

My daughter is off as one of the leaders for our church youth mission trip. They went out to S.D. to Pine Ridge. I'm anxious to hear her impressions. I've read it's the poorest place in the United States. I wish there was a way to do more than patch it up but to actually give them an economy. 

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  1. Sleepy Sundays are the best. Also, I love the new look to your blog! :D