Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Writing Right

This spring ( and now summer) I have put my writing at the forefront of my life. I am finally getting around to revising the project I began for NANOWRIMO and I'm happy with the way things are going.

I have 18 other projects in my binder.
Which makes organization and work flow suddenly exceptionally important to me. My writing software has been a godsend in that respect. But even though I was completely happy with the platform I was using, the buzz words and lauded products made me wonder if I was using the best I could be using. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to try a few others out and see what I thought. Please keep in mind that I'll be trying the 'free trial' versions as I'm poor and will not be plunking down 100's and 50's just for an experiment. I'll by NO means be trying them ALL out either. So if you have a favorite, feel free to let me know.
What comes to mind first when people talk about writing software: 
Word, (or the super free version LibreOffice) Scrivener, and the one I use WriteItNow

Word or the free LibreOffice version
This is fine if that's what you have. You just have to be diligent about project folders. If you write different docs for chapters then compiling is more cumbersome but not overly difficult. It's WAY harder to jump around and there are NO features for place, notes, characters worksheets etc. So while it will suffice, it's certainly nowhere near on my radar of choices.

Here's the powerhouse it seems everyone talks about. I downloaded the trial version and have been working on navigating the nuances. It's actually shockingly similar to the one I'm using. What I DO like about it...
It's less expensive
The templates are a little bit more user friendly
There are a lot of tutorials out there

I love this program. It's super easy to move from one computer to another when I get a new machine, the interface is easy to learn and it's a cinch to navigate. It has great prompts and character sheets. About the only thing it can't do for me is draw my maps! Although, as with Scrivener, I can upload pictures.
The downfalls are: it's more expensive than Scrivener.
But I can't help it. I love it. And I'll stay with it. 

So here's the skinny on these 3. If you're flat broke.. Word. Between Scrivener and WriteItNow, honestly if I had to it to do over I'd choose Scrivener. It's got a faster response time and sleeker look. but mostly because it's less money.



  1. I love Scrivener. It's so awesome and so easy to use!

  2. It has a great design feel to it too! I like my ole' trusty WriteItNow, but Scrivener has sure soared to the top of my admiration list!