Sunday, March 1, 2015

What day is it again? Oh yeah Sunday Salon day

Sunday MARCH 1, 2015

So glad it's MARCH!!

Time //  3:02
Eating // Chips and Queso
Drinking // Coffee - this may never change
Weather // cold and then it warms up and snows, then cold, then cold then it warms up and snows.

Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley
Think I'll get back to and finish this now. Hope to have a better time with it too
LISTENING TO // The  Goldfinch ~ Donna Tartt
Haven't gotten too much further with this. And now I'm not going to be commuting as much so I better bring it in for my cd player

Watching // 
Not really anything at the moment. At least nothing to write home about. I actually just watched for the first time yesterday
All my friends love this movie. I have been searching for a not-cheesy Christian movie and while this was good, I even teared up a little bit, it's not QUITE what I'm looking for. 
Suggestions on this VERY welcome!!! 

Music // KLOVE 
Blogging // Didn't get my 'midweek' posts done as I'd thought I'd try to, but maybe next week. after all, I'll have more time now. At least for awhile.
Acquisitions // I didn't take long did it... I broke my Aquisitions rule.
But really, they were some books I didn't have and needed to add...
Nice paperback copy of this! So far my favorite Hemingway. i have a couple to go including Moveable Feast.
Picked up a nice blank journal to use as a give-a-way for mother/daughter banquet in May.
Hating  //  Being in limbo again. not entirely, but kinda ... or winter. both suck
Loving // Opportunity. chances. choices and potential. all of which are at my fingertips now that im no longer employed. (My choice though so it's a good thing)

Writing // Fleshed out my new idea, came up with TWO other ideas!! I could stay so busy just writing!
Also wrote another Sermon that I will be delivering as a Lay Servant at Wednesday night Lent service. Last year it went terribly wrong. hopefully this year It will go so much better!
Avoiding // Shoveling. We got 6 inches of snow last week. I shoveled my front walk and the required sidewalk, but I boycotted doing my driveway. I'm done. It'll melt sooner or later.

Yes I quit my job. Without having another one to go to. I do have some leads. And I have some reserves. Like I said, it was sad to go, I really enjoyed the actual work I was doing. But it is what it is. I'm looking at two jobs this week, working on some online sales, ebay and etsy especially. And beginning the polishing procedure to get a piece or two ready to send out. 
And I'm sad Leonard Nemoy passed away. 

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  1. We are having such lovely weather on the west coast it seems so unfair. I am not sure why you quit your job but hope you find a new and satisfying one soon. My Sunday Salon