Sunday, March 15, 2015

Back to the Sunday Salon

Time //  3:17
Eating // Spaghetti w/ free range local meat. It's my concession. 
Drinking // Java as always
Weather // Spring-ing!!!!

READING // In The Heart of the Sea ~ Nathaniel Philbrick
This is the title for Fireside Book Club at the local library. It's proven to be very good and for me, having slogged my way through Patrick O'Brian's Master & Commander that I was supposed to love. Still, it's me so I'm Tots rooting for the whales. Sorry not sorry. 

Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley
I guess I didn't quite get back to this... actually I didn't even open it!
LISTENING TO // Whitethron Woods ~ Maeve Binchy

I'm actually really enjoying it. It's my first Binchy. So sweet.
Watching // Frequencies

Let the gushing begin. This was a fantastic movie!! It was original, well written, excellently cast, and understatedly (in a good way) directed. So I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes and it has critics score of (get this!!) 100%, audience of 81%. Seriously. See this film. 

Music // KLOVE 
Blogging // 2 posts! W00t!
Acquisitions // Broke it again, but in my defense it was 50% off sale at Goodwill. This week I found...

Ebay ought to cover what I spent and I can keep the one I needed :)

Hating  //  Loneliness. I has it.
Loving // Opportunity.

Writing // My project list is up to 11 now :) This time has not been entirely a waste.
I have a lot of writing to do! (deets to come)
Avoiding // So I totally got away with not shoveling last week! Booyah!

Now, hmmm what am I avoiding..OH! sorting my 40 bags of stuff to get out my house by the end of Lent. Donated. No Recipt ;)


  1. Put the movie in our Netflix queue. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Ah, spring! Makes me want to shout with happiness.

  3. I enjoyed your snow melting photos. I abandoned SOME LUCK this week, at least the audiobook of it. BORING! I hope that you find a place to visit with someone this week to appease your loneliness. I just got off the phone with my college roommate. We haven't talked for over a month. Perhaps a call to an old friend?! My Sunday Salon, March 15