Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunny Sunday Salon

Sunday Feb 22

Time //  10:58
Eating // A muffin. I didn't bake it, but I'm surfing for a good recipe so I can.
Drinking // Coffee
Weather // cold and sunny, which is ok by me, you don't have to shovel cold.

I read this book for Lent. 
I"m a Lay Servant and we give the sermons during Wednesday night service and we chose this book to do the series on. This is a pretty powerful book!
My favorite line a Pastor said  "where ever Jesus went there were riots, where ever I go ladies ask if I'd like a cup of tea." I don't want to be a 'teacup' servant of a Renegade anymore. I'm not sure yet what I can do with my life, mess that it is, that will be revolutionary for the Word, but I'd sure like to do SOMETHING rather than a complacent nothing because it can't be radical enough. 
Even though I've written my sermon and read the book twice, I keep picking it back up.

Culturally such an important book, such a snap-shot of a time and a generation and a clique in that life. The writing is amazing and transcendent. I'm not sure I really like it. I really don't really. I'm annoyed with these guys 99% of the time and I think about 1/2 way through the book I'm like, do we really NEED to go anywhere else with these guys to get their Beat-life? Even 'semi-autobiographical' as it is it wears on me.  I'm about 3/4 of the way and I hope it comes to some conclusion... quickly. 
Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley
I'm on hiatus from this book. But I feel the story still with me when I see the cover everyday. I think this means I will be getting back to it. 

LISTENING TO // The  Goldfinch ~ Donna Tartt
I'm back to listening to this. I went for awhile where my commute needed silence. But I feel like listening on my way home at least.  I like some of the characters very much. I like the fullness of all the characters weather I like who the person is or not. 

Watching // Horns

I saw this on Netflix and picked it just for some fun and to see another non-potter role for Daniel Radcliff... and I fell in LOVE with this movie. 

Yes there were some 'issues' but for the most part, i loved the hyperbole, I loved the reaction to the responses, I loved the premise and the story...

And here, me a past bookshop owner, has to admit I was clueless on this piece. I looked up the movie on IMDB and found it was an adaptation. Cool I thought. So I looked up the book:

I have to say... Mr. Hill and William Morrow, I'd have not looked at it twice just based on the cover. Sorry, but it's true. And yes, any of the covers. 

Anyhoo... So I decided to look up Mr. Hill because I'm thinking if he wrote this, I'd like to find what else he wrote, plus I'd like to read it to see if the humor was intentionally because the movie had me busting out in full loud laughter several times! So I looked up Joe Hill.

He wrote Heart Shaped Box. And NOS4A2 I'd heard of it, so I was like, Oh! cool! and then, I saw the words of my AHA moment.

Joe Hill is a pen name for Joseph Hillstrom King. 

Yes THAT King family.  Stephen's son.  Aw to have those genes!! 

So now, not just because of the whole famous father thang, but because his story and the movie caught me, I'm putting his stuff at the top of my TBR pile. And I'm really anxious to get to them!!

Music // KLOVE 
Blogging // I've been working on some other writing. But I should at least post something on my blogs. It doesn't have to take long right?
Acquisitions // No acquisitions! No sales or donations either though. 

This is still on deck for my EPIC WINTER READ! and today is an epic winter day. 
Hating  //  Being where I'm not wanted. I'd leave, but since it's my job, I can't until I secure another position. And it's too bad because I was liking the work.
Loving // Lent. I do. I just LOVE the contemplative nature and I love the renewal and I VERY much love the reminder of God's love for the world.

Writing // I have a new idea. I'm looking forward to working more on it. I HAVE started.  I'm learning to accept that my writing style may never mirror either of the King's or the Hemmingway's or even the Smiley's. But it's mine and maybe someone someday will say theirs isn't like Grose's either. 
Avoiding // cleaning. Which is not the worst really.

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