Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday (Snowy) Salon Feb 1

Time //  9:22
Eating // Nothing but I'm hungry
Drinking // Coffee and it's time for a fresh pot
Weather // snowy and cold. Still snowing, expecting about 12" total. Bleck!

READING // Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley
I say I'm reading this, but I haven't picked it up in a couple weeks. I don't give up on books often but I'd love to give up on this one. I won't, but I WANT to. 

LISTENING TO // The  Goldfinch ~ Donna Tartt
I'm not very far into it (it's 26 discs btw) but I definitely get all the Dickonsonian references in the reviews I've read. I'm not sure I like it either.
I hope this doesn't mean I'm headed for a slump!! 

Watching // NOT this:
but rather this....

lil nod to the issue of the day though.

Music // KLOVE 
Blogging // Awful! This is my only post in about a month.
Acquisitions // Keeping with the NO Acquisitions, I did, however, check a book out from the library...
One of the books I've hidden not having read for so long. It's time to get to it! Right off the bat I was surprised on the era. I had it in my mind as about a decade later than it's set.
This is still on deck for my EPIC WINTER READ! and today is an epic winter day. 
Hating  //  Winter. can I just reiterate... I. Hate. Winter. I just do.
Loving // Re-engaging with the world where I belong AND my new job (I'm a payroll clerk)

Writing // I actually fired up my Write it Now program and am starting the revision process on my novel :)
Avoiding // my office. I still havent finished it.
I've run into a few issues lately but I'm hoping its nothing i can't handle


  1. I liked Sarum! Perfect for an epic winter read!

    Joy's Book Blog

  2. Well you are writing or at least rewriting. Sometimes I think it's best to take a break from reading in order to get the writing done. And work sounds great!