Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

 Since getting into blogging and finding the realm of book bloggers, I have been so happy with the directions my reading has taken and one of my favorite things is to look back over my 'books read' list and see what wonders have crossed my path and the emotion I still have towards them.

Goodreads is my favorite place to keep track of my reading, but my daughters gave me a leather journal in 2004 for Mother's day and I've used it as a book log every since. It is this journal that I simply love to get down and reflect on, especially on New Years Day when I talley up my books and put a new year's heading in. And I look to see what books most affected me.

This year it was:
The Help - I still think there is more to this book than the historical look at prejudice. I think this book takes an historical perspective and mocks us as we shake our heads at how terrible it was that people treated other people that way yet all the while it is still going on everyday today in America and it's not only accepted but expected. There are different faces involved but the principal is the same.

Anne of Green Gables - This was the first time I'd read this and I realized that simplicity, awe, and kindness should not be so lost in literature. I loved everything about this book and the kinder, gentler way it left me.

The Night Circus - For showing me there is still magic to be written and discovered as wonderful as Harry Potter. Explore this book if you ever every loved a Potter book!!

AND I'm looking ahead to what will come across my nightstand this coming year. And expecting some surprises! My big goal for this year is to read more new releases or, better still, galleys! Yes there are TONS of books out there that I want/need to read but I want to add some current excitement to my lists. The others that I KNOW will be on this years READ list that I'm super excited for:

Pillars of the Earth - I absolutely can not wait to get into this book!!

The Jungle - this has been on my radar forever! I've probably been looking forward to it so long I'm just setting myself up for disappointment

A Walk in the Woods - I'll probably think I need to go walk part of the Appalachian Trail when I get done with this one!!

But most of all I'm looking forward to HOPEFULLY blogging these and having my life be calm enough to do that with regularity! :)

I hope you come along with me!!


  1. Ooh I really want to read more Bill Bryson this year as well. Hope your 2012 is marvelous!

  2. I'm hoping to read A Walk in the Woods this year too! I haven't read any Bill Bryson yet but I hear that he is hilarious.