Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting all ADD!

When I'm coming down to the wire on my 2011 challenge, it's no time to be starting and stopping books all over the place!

I had 2 going that I'm absolutely in love with but I was going to have to hurry through to make it by the new year and then BAM! I find a book I pretty much can't resist (for one thing a cute guy recommended it) and now I'm toying with 3! All the worse because my newest is the chunkster Pillars of the Earth at 1007 pages!

I'm 50 pages in (which sure would have gotten me closer to finished with either of my other two) and now I LOVE this too!!! Simply never enough time :)

Sometimes having this many great books to choose from feels like what I imagine rolling in 100 dollar bills would feel like :)

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