Thursday, January 12, 2012


My youngest daughter is the biggest John Green fan ever! And Hank for that matter. She's a dyed in the wool Nerdfighter and dang proud of it. She works hard to reduce world suck and trys to always remember to be awesome.

So when I heard The Fault In Our Stars was available for pre-order, I jumped on that.

We were even more thrilled when it was revealed that all pre-orders would be signed!! And then different things started happening with the signing, the Yetti contributed some, so did Hank and it's all a crap shoot as to who gets which signed page!!

And then it turned out this book would be about cancer...which my oldest daughter is in remission from and the curiosity built.

So we waited...and waited...and waited.

Now today it's here. Amazon's smiling cardboard was placed on my desk about an hour ago. And the waiting is over.


Since this is my daughters book and she's the reason we love these guys with all our heart, I better let her open it. right? or....

Nah! I'll be good.

I'm so glad it snowed and there's an early out!!



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