Saturday, April 8, 2017

Breaking Radio Silence

There's a reason I've been away... full time job, and full load of college classes, plus a full household move and job change... I'm a sucker for change!

College is, finally for me, almost over. At 51 I'll finally have a Bachelors. AND I'll have the Creative Writing Certificate from University of Iowa. The work has been grueling and beyond wonderful!

I moved to the Iowa City area just to be closer to the city I love! The one and only UNESCO City of Literature in the United States. Where the literary events are practically non-stop, and not just literary, cultural events period! Art, music, literature, theatre always something wonderful!

This weekend it a big one! Mission Creek Festival is in town. And I had no idea what that was!!
Well, as taken from their website, Mission Creek is this:


General Info

Mission Creek is dedicated to delivering a riveting 6-day artistic experience for our community that builds on the cultural geography and capital of downtown Iowa City. Programming focuses on music performances, literary readings, film screenings, public lectures, local food culture, and educational outreach. Nestled in the heart of downtown Iowa City, with most venues within a five minute walk of each other, Mission Creek thrives on intimacy and cross-medium experiences, turning music lovers onto new literature, writers onto new music, and expanding appreciation of arts, community, and culture. Our focus is on quality, independent-minded sounds, words, and events. We are keen on emerging artists and embrace renegade spirits who have been around for years. Intimacy is integral to the Mission Creek experience: Our smallest festival venue fits 50 people and our largest holds 1800; but most rooms are in the 200-300 capacity range, allowing for visceral connections between artists and audience.
The festival is presented and produced by The Englert Theatre, Iowa City’s 104-year-old historic performing arts organization.

 Just click on the logo or here: for all the details!

Having JUST moved here there are downsides to all these festivals. I have yet to meet anyone to go to these wonderful events with, and being the old lady in this land of youth, it is still awkward for me to go to stuff alone. Alas, I will weater the awkwardness and push on for the sake of the art. We all must suffer for our passions, isn't that so?

I did pop into The White Rabbit (an amazing shop with a social conscious that I MUST get back to soon!) for one of the Lit Crawl venues. Amazing choice I must say! The poets were superb and made you rethink the scrawling for poetry class. Take it up a notch boys and girls, they seemed to say! The

Lit Crawl seemed amazing but I only had opportunity to hit that one place. Sad as that makes me.

Sad and determined to find a group willing to accept an old hip chick that loves this city and everything it stands for. Plus I buy wine, so there's that.

Later today I've got some events on the radar:
A book fair at The Mill
Then music downtown at several locations! Especially Deadwood

It's quite the inspirational weekend!!

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  1. Congrats on school almost being over and your move. Great accomplishments. That festival sounds pretty amazing too.