Sunday, April 16, 2017

Of course Easter is my favorite holiday!!!

The second beautiful Spring weekend

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The Sunday Salon

Time // 1:16

Eating // if I could stay out of the chocolate!!
Weather // 70. storms yesterday evening. 
Wasn't severe by me, which I appreciate since I now live in a trailer..

READING// Some poetry for class. Especially June Jordan. What an amazing and encapsulating body of work!

LISTENING TO // California ~ Edan Lepucki
I've had two criteria for books I wanted to listen to recently. World-building and University of Iowa Writer's Workshop graduates. This book satisfied both of those! I've had a copy forever, but never could get to it, then I found it on Bridges. 

FINISHED LISTENING TO // I powered through two listens! One was a fun listen and one was simply an amazing book... 

The Girl on the Train ~ Paula Hawking
It was fun. It was fairly predictable. Characters were ok. She got loneliness right that's for sure. I thought her descriptions of that were wonderful!

The Ocean at the end of the Lane ~ Neil Gaiman

Which I loved loved loved! and I love Gaiman's work, which I'm new to but now totally enamored with.

Watching //  Still mostly lectures. One month to go!!!!

Music // not much actually.

Blogging // Didn't really have time this week for either. Still don't actually I should be doing homework!

Hating  //Rude people. I got yelled at. Literally yelled at by my realtor. He said I don't appreciate what he does. this was after he had to come to my house because he locked me out for the second time. It was horrible. Now I'm sort of backed into a corner of leaving the listing with him. But my lawyer will handle closing. I will not be attending. He did this in front of my daughter as well. 
He's just earned the antagonist spot in my Baytown novel series.

Loving //Spring!! And being so close to graduation! And having free writing workshops 10 minutes away!

Writing// Lots for school. Even starting to get a liking for writing poetry. Going to one of the free workshops tonight! Then work on finalizing the first chapters of Independence. 

It's Easter!! It's the first time I've had this Holiday all alone. Both my girls are gone and since I've moved I don't know anyone here to have Easter with. Of course I went to see my Mom. She's been in the nursing home for a few years with Alzheimers.

I am interviewing home health aides. She used to be very exit seeking and combative and had to have quite a few drugs to keep her complacent. Now she's just like a small child and enjoys everything! So I'm thinking of bringing her home and having an aide come in a few hours a week to give me time off. Has anyone else done this? 

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  1. My sisters-in-law took care of their mother at home for as long as they could. It's hard to take care of and Altzheimer's patient. Finally she started cooking in the middle of the night and almost started a fire.