Sunday, April 9, 2017

Working, Writing, and 7 ways to get your manuscript read!

The first beautiful Spring weekend

Time // 12:46

Eating // better?

Weather // 71 with a 100% of a wasp swarm around the front door...rats

READING// This sounds worse than it is...but nothing. I'm in between and focusing on school... but OH my I have such a huge TBR list now!!

ALSO READING://  Nothing... also most of my books are packed. And

LISTENING TO //  Enon ~ Paul Harding. I never finished this and I'd actually like to go back to it. I was super enjoying it.


Watching //  Still mostly lectures. But I did just finish a couple of Netflix series' I really loved
I was addicted from 15 minutes in, after I caught on to what was going on.

and Grace and Frankie. Making Old the new  young!

Music // not much actually.

Blogging //Working on updating my writer's blog too. Part of my goal for when I graduate...

Acquisitions // Ordered a copy of Irreplaceable ~ Stephen P. Lovely 
Written by my mentor. I've read it twice!! I enjoyed it more each time!

Hating  // Being old. In a town geared toward youth... Iowa City. and my house hasn't sold. not even a nibble.

Loving // Moved to Iowa City area, working from home now, and... almost done with school! 5 more weeks left... so close!!

Writing//That's ALL I've been doing!! Intro to the novel and first 4 chapters are done. Scripts done and ready for contest, short stories and even some poems. I have an actual portfolio. I'll need it..

Just hit the edged of this amazing festival in Iowa City Mission Creek Festival. I was able to go to a panel  on publishing. The focus was the industry itself and the opportunities in it from out of college, but there were also plenty of tips on the do's and don'ts of trying to be published. Amazing group of small press owners and managing editors. 

& big DON'TS for submissions can be found on my writing website as told by these amazing young young professionals!
read it here:

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  1. So wait, you're loving and hating Iowa City? :) I tried Travellers and liked it, but need to get back to it.