Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Hint of Autumn

The first evidence of Autumn

Time // 4:24 - late post today!

Eating // Oh man do I need to go to the store!

Drinking // Even at this late hour... you got it!  
Weather // The heat of summer has broken. Today is sunny with a gentle breeze and 72 degrees. Not a speck of humidity to be found anywhere.

READING// Dubliners~ James Joyce
I'm enjoying it very much... it makes me homesick for where I don't live though. 

ALSO READING://  The Winter King ~ Bernard Cornwell

Didn't get to give this guy much love this week. Maybe tonight I can focus on it for a bit.
LISTENING TO //  Enon ~ Paul Harding
I stopped for a bit to listen to some of Dubliners too to get a step up on my school work for this semester.
I can't wait to get back to this!


Watching //  Lectures? For my courses this fall that are uploaded to the web.

Music // Back to the soundtracks. At least that means I'm working!!

Blogging //I did get my review up. AND I published a post on my author site here:

Acquisitions // Textbooks is all I believe. Only one of those and that was pretty cheap! Thank goodness!

Hating  //My youngest left for school. My Van is making a noise. I'm trying to find a job closer to home to alleviate the need for commuting this winter. The sun is setting so early already.

Loving // Cool or not, it's still Summer baby!!

Writing// I did some jots on some new ideas, and I have a course on revision I'm hoping to put the Baytown book through. Pretty much what I've been doing all day..after church.
Short post. More time to read your!! Yay!!


  1. I completely relate to your current "eating" :)

    We had delightful weather this weekend in Kansas City - a welcome respite from the triple digit heat index of the past week.

  2. I picked up Enon from the library yesterday. Curious what you think.

  3. I always liked Dubliners, especially "The Dead," which also was made into a great movie with Anjelica Huston and directed by her father John Huston.

  4. We had a cool day yesterday, too -- so lovely!

    I loved the annotated version of Dubliners that I read:

  5. I was busy last Sunday so I am just getting to my blog after almost two weeks off. I, too, got my youngest off to school, graduate school, but she is gone and I miss her. New York is a long way from the state of Washington. Have a good week.
    My Sunday Slon post