Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hazy summer mornings and pushing on...

Time //  8:33 a.m. (supposed to be in Church, but like the occasional reading slump, I've hit a worship service slump. Not sure why except I've been busy?)

Eating // nothing yet

Drinking // As my Dad called it.. nectar of the god's... you got it... coffee
Weather // Humid! and hot, but I love the hot. I feel an undercurrent of coolness that I am NOT ready for.
LISTENING TO // This was new on my list last week. I've been WOWED by this book, by the collection of anecdotes that still somehow weaves a story, and especially by the precision of the language. It's hands down one of the most WONDERFULLY WRITTEN books I've read in years. The prose is simply superb! 

In my goings this week I was poking around the website for Iowa Writers Workshop. In an article written about that illustrious bastion of literature (not that I'm 100% awed by the place or anything) I came across a paragraph of all the accomplished writers who'd gone through the  program.... yup... Harding. An Iowa Writer's grad. I should have know.


READING:// The Winter King ~ Bernard Cornwell

Another look at the Arthurian historical time. I'm liking it quite a bit!
Finished // NOS4A2 
I'm going to post my review (which I copied from my goodreads review mostly) in another post. 
As far as how was it?  3.75/5? It's good, buuuuut...
Watching //  The Crucible ~ 1996
An oldie but a goodie. I had seen part of it but never all the way through.

Music // Some chill background music.. Sara Barellis and Ingrid Michaelson mixes on youtube

Blogging //This makes 2 Sunday Salons in a row anyway. 

 Acquisitions // Oh I had fun here yesterday!
Dollar days at Goodwill.. now it's sill that I go there during dollar days really because I'm there for books! And books are either a dollar for hardback or .50 cents for paperback. Except no one else is looking at books >:)
Of course it's Outlander that is missing from the boxed set. OF COURSE!! When I score a copy of that they are all going up on ebay.. 
because after Goodwill I walked down the street to my coffee shop Forte
they have some used books too and low and behold..

Not quite .50 and $1.00 but still good buys! Especially since my coffee was free (buy 5 get one free)

Hating  //  My youngest goes back to college Tuesday. She's a senior. This school has a reputation of placing graduates before graduation in nice lucrative positions. I'll truly be an empty nester. .... WITH more MONEY!!! bahahahah!!!  Ok so there MAY be an upside.. ;) And she'll be doing what she loves. Teaching.

Loving //  Summer Summer Summer Summer!!! I don't want cool weather, or frost, or sleet, or snow! 
I need to be a snowbird. Seriously.

Writing// Goals are great when you actually focus on working on them. Distraction abounded this week.. And one of my classes for fall opened early so I've been reading the syllabus and planning my semester with writing goals to meet all my deadlines. 

That class is Advanced Fiction. It's an undergrad class through University of Iowa by the Iowa Writer's Workshop. The professors are current students or recent fellows or grads. 
THIS is HUGE to me! To have my work read by the country's best of the best! To get useful and poignant feedback on my work... AH! ... it takes my breath away!

This is Dey House. The home of the Iowa Writer's Workshop. 
 It's my church right now. It has to be

I accidentally pick up books all the time by Iowa Writer's Grads. While I' not superstitious, it does make me wonder..It says that this is what I'm drawn to and I feel that I'm drawn to it because it's how I want to write. I read Smiley and think...DANG she stole my idea again!! (not really... this is NOT an accusation) because the setting and characters and themes are... no lie!... similar to my books. While it's scary to think to myself 'It's been done', it's also encouraging. 'she sounds like you'. That second voice in my head is very very shy and quiet. 
But since I'm checking off the list of things to do in order to apply to the MFA grad program once I've finished here.. even though I'm OLD! I'll have 25 years on the average writer there. I'm probably one of th oldest to ever even apply!

Anyone out there been through?? I'm in need of advice from those in the know!! Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Oh and btw... I did get A's this semester! woot!


  1. I'd say yes to you if I was on the admissions board. Think about all the experiences you have had over the little barely-past-the-teen-years typical candidate.

    Here's my Sunday Salon!

  2. I have no advice for you, but yay for all the opportunities. Very cool, as well as if your writing is like Smiley's or hers like yours, I mean. :)

    Myself? I don't love the heat, but I hate winter too. I like somewhere in between. 60s to 70s is good. No rain, no snow. No precipitation at all.

  3. Have you ever participated in the University of Iowa's Summer Writing conference? While it is not an MFA program, many of the instructors are in fact graduates of the prestigious program. The classes are small (no more than 12 students) and are offered as week-long courses or weekend intensives. I attended the summer of 2013 and 2014.

    I am so impressed with your determination and courage to go after this dream. I look forward to following your progress :)

  4. I am attempting to read past Pulitzer books at least for the last twenty years, not all the way back to 1920something. Paul Hardings' book won a few years ago and I've added it to my list. I think the title is Tinkers. Glad to hear you've enjoyed his writing.