Sunday, August 7, 2016

Heading into the dog days... still love summer!

Time //  2:34

Eating // Tuna melts

Drinking // diet Pepsi... no kidding!!

Weather // Hot Hot... still love it. From inside, in AC - same as last post

LISTENING TO // Just down loaded Enon by Paul Harding. I've not read Tinkers yet so I hope this stands alone.

I have become hopelessly addicted to Bridges downloads of audio books. I was listening to Nos4a2, by Joe Hill when it became clear I wasn't going to finish before it expired. I went in and tried to renew it but that button wasn't live so that meant there was someone in line and I'd have to go to the end of the line. It may come back up soon, who knows, but in the meantime I was close enough to the end that I went ahead and checked out the library's copy. I'm anxious to finish it but I'll have quiet a bit to say about it when I do.
Also reading: The Winter King ~ Bernard Cornwell

Another look at the Arthurian historical time. I'm liking it quite a bit!
Watching //  The Shannara Chronicles
MTV's answer to Game of Thrones. I read the Shannara series back in the early 80's. I couldn't resist. A bit hokey and the dialogue sucks since they keep trying to use updated language. Still I enjoy the hell out of it!!

Music // Went to concert here at the infamous Barn.

 A venue out in the literal middle of nowhere that is the most amazing time. The bands are all so impressed when they come here to play. One of my fav's was making a return appearance. The Ghost Wolves and i"m so thrilled I didn't have to miss them!! 
I don't get to go to live music that often anymore. It was fun. Boy are there stories behind getting there though. This was NOT a good day all in all.

Blogging // Nada - but I do have 3 full classes going that were moving towards finals. Summer classes are so accelerated I really had to scramble to keep anywhere close to up.

Acquisitions // I know I got something this week but can't recall right now what it was. 

Hating  //  money. It's annoying.

Loving //  Summer!!! Everything summer is awesome!
And my new Tattoo. I'll post picks later. It's in that itchy stage. Got it last week.

Writing// Only wrote this week for class. That was non-fiction. For this class we were required to submit work with proof of submission. I had sort of an issue with that. I felt it would inundate editors and editorial assistants especially with pieces that the authors weren't necessarily in love with because they were assigned topics. It's nice that we now know how to submit, but not so great that some of us have work out there that isn't indicative of what we can or want to do. 
On that note, I am out of one slush pile and still in contention for another. They may both end up being no's but I'm happy to have gotten this far. 

2 weeks and the madness of classes begins again. My goal is to rewrite a quarter of my novel "Into Each Life." About Raina and the surprise inheritance that changes her life. 

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  1. For the past few years, I have tried to use our local library more and more. They just switched over to Overdrive, which is loaded with great audiobooks and ebooks. It is a bummer when you can't renew, but I haven't had it happen to often. Love being able to listen and read thanks to the library!

    I've had NOS4A2 in my TBR eBooks for a while. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much you had to continue! And you remind me that I have that copy and should READ IT!

    Nice blog!