Saturday, December 12, 2015

Two Huge Breaks in a Row... with three we get snacks

Time //  I'm cheating.... it's Saturday night. 

Eating // cheese and crackers

Drinking // Yes even at this time of night it's coffee for me

Weather // I love this weather so much I hate to talk about it because I know it won't last.

READING - FINISHED // The Snow Bride by Debbie Macomber

This was my first Debbie Macomber. It was fun and sweet. She is well loved by the ladies of my circle. I also have a sneaking suspicion my book "Into Each Life" bears similarities in our basic genre and style. Luckily so far not story line though.

I'm making it a point to read more authors in the genre or near-genre of the book I'm editing now. (the first in a series of at least 3). I have authors I aspire to and authors I'm trying to not be contemporaries with. In order to know which is which, I have to read them all. 
The scariest part of that is I run across so many fabulous stories and wonderful prose, it nearly scares me away from trying som days. Until I remember MY story and how much I love it and want to share it... then I go on. 

LISTENING TO // FINISHED:  Outlander ~ Diane Galbadon - 
I ADORED this book. And for once I think I can say it was the audio that won me. Oh I'd have liked the book had I read it, but the audio was so perfect that I fell head over heals for it!
Now I"m ready to start Lucky Us ~ Amy Bloom

READING:// At Home in Mitford ~ Jan Karon

This is one of those books I was talking about. I'm really enjoying it too!! It's ADORABLE!!

Sarum ~ Edward Rutherfurd
I just couldn't get going on Sarum yet. Too intimidating!! The sheer length and breadth!

Watching // Not much... TV hasn't been on in days. While I decorated the scrawniest Christmas tree in history, I 
(There is actually a story behind why I have such a sad tree...but I'll tell it another time.)
watched Elf and then Something's Gotta Give.

SGG is one of my 'go to' writing movies. :)

Music // Back to K-Love and Contemporary Christian. 

Blogging // Yeah.. about that.

Acquisitions // Nothing lately but 2 text books coming up this month.

Hating  // The thought of winter coming. 

Loving // Getting these moves over with. I'm in my new place. Old place is for sale. I'm getting used to it, but I'm actually not exactly thrilled. 

Writing // Actually... lots!! which may explain my blogging hiatus. 

Avoiding //   Setting up my office and actually doing my own A/P set up. I really need to be a better money steward. 


  1. I know it might not seem like it from the list I gave today over on my blog, but I used to listen to CCM too. Who are your favorite artists? Mine were (back in the day), among others, Petra, Stryper, Mylon Lefevre (to show how much I date myself), and DC Talk.

    1. I really enjoy Toby Mac, Mandisa, Jamie Grace, Newsboys (older more than newer) and I'm head over heels for Sidewalk Prophets. They have a song "loved me anyway" that makes not just snivel, but out and out sob! I always liked Stryper too!

    2. Definitely older Newsboys. Newer? Meh.

  2. How many hours was the audio of Outlander? It must have been over 20? More?

    1. A whopping 32 hours that felt like about 7. Davina Porter was AMAZING!! and I believe gave much to the story that was left wanting in the print version from what I"ve heard. It took sections that were... ahem... indelicate... and gave them more purpose and attitude.