Sunday, September 13, 2015

Returning After an Unintentional Break

Not sure where this break came from, but I just hadn't gotten around to posting lately...

Time //  12:24

Eating // nothing, but I'm hungry

Drinking // coffee with hazelnut creamer

Weather // fall is falling here, and I dislike it

READING - FINISHED // Some Luck by Jane Smiley ~~~~ FINALLY!!!!!!!

Full review (or my reaction as it were) coming soon... along with the other book Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts. I promise.

LISTENING TO // Outlander ~ Diane Galbadon - Still 
I read reviews of books I'm reading... do you do that?... It's risky trying to avoid spoilers. I had seen the negatives on this complaining of the over use of sex and of domestic violence...well, I've hit that part and I do find it annoying. And so trivial because Gabaldon's writing could certainly stand well alone without it. I'm enjoying her style and pace, descriptions and dialog so much I would certainly have loved the book even more were those foray into the the bedroom shorter and further between.

READING:// Sarum ~ Edward Rutherfurd
If Some Luck took me 9 months to finish, I can't even imagine how long Sarum is going to take!!

Watching // Time Lapse

This was a fantastic little movie about a couple and their room mate friend who find a camera that has been photographing them day in the future and the trouble that ensues when they attempt to use it for their own good. The twists and turn are well played and the acting was solid! Oh... and that ending. Perfect!!

Music // Kinda attached to a country song called Break Up With Him

Blogging // Holy nothing Batman!

Acquisitions // The Call ~ Adam Hamilton

This is for our first adult Sunday School session. It's good to have a study going again!!

Hating  // The thought of winter coming. 

Loving // This period of really low utility bills

Writing // Still Nada

Avoiding // writing a speech. I actually need to get the writing part done. I have most of it in my head but that's not going to cut it.  

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  1. My husband just watched Time Lapse this week too. He really enjoyed it. I decided to spend my time reading instead of watching it.