Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mid- Holiday musings Sunday Salon

Time //  11:12

Eating // left over crepe with french vanilla creme and strawberry filling topped with pure locally crafted maple syrup 

Drinking // Coffee. But not very quickly

Weather // Terrifying! Ice and snow for tomorrow and I have a 70 mile round trip to work. That has to change. I just can't do this commute in winter. 


I haven't started this yet... I've been experimenting with silence in the car for a bit.

READING:// At Home in Mitford ~ Jan Karon
This has been a book for me I'm relishing like good dark chocolate!

Also... got an email for a discounted book courtesy of Net Galley and chose 
I've gone through a myriad of emotion since I started it yesterday. I'm halfway done. It's a digital edition or I'd have it all marked up... not all in compliance either.. Oh I may have some things to say about that. 

Watching // Harry Potter Marathon... at this writing Goblet of Fire is on..

I'm dying for the time to slow down and have a re-read. I haven't read them since I first read them out loud to my daughters because they couldn't fully read a book like that yet... my daughters are 20 and 21 now. 

Music // Did some Christmas Carols this week anyway

Blogging // Nothing much done this week but hopefully in the weeks to come.

Acquisitions // My daughter listens.. I had a very beat up paperback copy of The Gunslinger, book one of Stephen King's Dark Tower series... and one of my all time favorites, and she got me a nice fresh copy!! And she followed my quest rules too so I can count it!

Hating  // Commuting in winter. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Loving // A picture perfect holiday. 

Writing // Had my daughter read my chapter 1 draft... she wasn't that impressed. Lots of work to do apparently. 

Avoiding //   Still same... I need to finish my office. 

Next week? The inevitable New Year's Resolution post. I love these !!!

Both my girls were home and not one picture. what is wrong with us? 

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  1. That leftover crepe looks delicious! Glad you had a great Christmas with your daughters!