Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mid-January Blues

Time //  1:42

Eating // nothing much because there's nothing much here to eat today. 

Drinking // Coffee. But..drat I was hoping to be able to say water. Not yet though.

Weather // January in Iowa. It's -7 right now with a wind chill of -30. Oh joy. But they sky is so blue! The sun is so bright. So it seriously could be worse. 

LISTENING TO // Grace (Eventually) ~ Anne Lamott

Funny yet astute, touching and poignant... Very good book.. but I wish I'd read it rather than listened to it.

READING:// At Home in Mitford ~ Jan Karon
This has been a book for me I'm relishing like good dark chocolate! Still working on this. Have had some deadlines that had me putting it aside for a bit. 

FINISHED:// One Thousand Gifts ~ Ann Voskamp
Review coming soon. 

Watching //  Rememberance films. 

So sad. Way to young.. Way too soon.

Music // Nothing of note... no pun intended

Blogging // Nothing much.

Acquisitions // Galley arrived in the mail to read and review. 
Love it when I get these. They always arrive just out of the blue. Except this one didn't forward from my old address and the post office charged me 5.90 to get it from them. grrr.

Also picked up a copy of:
More on this momentarily...

Hating  // Commuting. Period. I hate being detached from my home town. I didn't think I would but I feel like I'm not attached to anything going on in the town I work in..and I don't particularly want to be, and I'm missing out on what's happening in the town I'm from. I'm not able to help as much with events or volunteer my time. These are things I'd never had to deal with before. 
And my daughter (all healed up from the tonsils) is back at school. It really hit me this time and I'm missing her so much already. 

Loving // I found a used elliptical for 20 bucks. It'll due to get me through the winter

Writing // this semester sees me in a University of Iowa, Iowa Writers Workshop Novel writing class!!!! I'm so pumped for this! That's what the novel Blame is for. I have a good feeling about this. 

Avoiding //   Still Still Still same... I need to finish my office. I made a tiny bit of progress. 

Never did my New Year's resolution. 
So I'll just put it as SALT... same as last time :)

How many more days in January?? Really?

At least Tuesday I get to go to a Lay servant planning meeting for ... LENT!! Yay! Lent and Easter = spring :) 



  1. My wife and I watched Labryinth last night with a group online and next week the group is watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves in honor of Alan Rickman, the only good thing about that movie.

    The University of Iowa? They're pretty prestigious for their writing program. Very nice.

  2. Yeah I enjoyed Robin Hood for Alan!! But I did like the song at the end too :)

    I go to Iowa City pretty often. When my daughter was there we'd have to walk by the building the Workshop is housed in... Dey House... and I'd make everyone be quiet out of reverence and I'd just be in awe of who all has been through those doors.. makes my knees weak!!

  3. I watched Sense and Sensibility with some friends this week when we found out about Alan Rickman. I wanted to watch Labyrinth but I don't have a copy. I'm going to try to get a hold of it so I can watch it.