Sunday, March 13, 2016

Out of hibernation...

Time //  11:18

Eating // Oatmeal now, chili for later

Drinking // Coffee. With me there is no alternative apparently

Weather // Rainy which is AWESOME because it's not snowy. As a matter of fact, IT"S SPRING!!

LISTENING TO // Nothing at the moment. I have no audio book going at all. Weird for me.

READING:// About 20 pages from the end of Blame ~ Michelle Huneven

This has been an amazing book. So much true to life emotion. 

Goodreads blurb: The story: Patsy MacLemoore, a history professor in her late twenties with a brand-new Ph.D. from Berkeley and a wild streak, wakes up in jail yet again--after another epic alcoholic blackout. "Okay, what'd I do?"? she asks her lawyer and jailers. "I really don't remember."? She adds, jokingly: "Did I kill someone?"

Forgiveness, blame, and responsibility all wrapped up and intermixed...right up to the game changing end. 

this is a deserved award winner guys and a book that should get more mainstream attention. Beautifully, simply written, the grit and the grist show through as well as the longing, remorse, and love. 

Read it! Love it!! Contemplate it!!

Watching //  Not much... sort of out of ideas that strike my fancy

Music // Still Nothing of note... no pun intended. Except back to some soundtracks while I write.

Blogging // Well since the last post was January..... 

Acquisitions // On Writing ~ Stephen King Hardback ~ 1st Edition ~ MINT

My Aunt texted me and said she wanted to drop off a book I might like. She left it with a note. "Thought you might enjoy this. I did and I'm not even a writer." She had no idea that I'm a HUGE SK collector!! OR that I didn't have this yet. My daughter has a recent paperback copy, but for my collection, I didn't have one. I'm so THRILLED that a) she thinks of me as a writer and b) that universe brought me this great book!! Thanks Aunt Bonnie!! It was a crappy couple of weeks that you brightened up!! 

Hating  // Commuting. Period. Still just hate it. Oh... and my used elliptical for $20 bucks? well folks, you get what you pay for....


Writing// is going well. hence the lack of blog posts. AND!! I've had a piece picked up for the next annual edition of a local journal (literary and more) called the Wapsipinicon Almanac...

An annual regional collection of fiction, essays and reviews. Produced via letterpress in Anamosa, Iowa. 

He hand picks some of his contributors and some, like myself, are lucky enough to garner a nod from a queried submission. This is big digs!! I'm much prouder of my inclusion in The Almanac than my paid gig for Buckmasters a few years ago. I went to an Indie Bookstore hosted reading celebrating this latest issue and was brought to both raucous laughter and chin-quivering tears by the works. I'm humbled to be among them now. 
I wrote and delivered my annual Wednesday-during-Lent-lay-person sermon, and it went well.

I have submission in for the literary magazine of the University of Iowa, The Iowa Review. (I'm pushing the envelope with that one perhaps. But hey! who knows!)
And class is going well too, 

so I'm encouraged to say the least!

Avoiding //   My basement and garage right now. I haven't finished my office, but I've attended to it somewhat. 

Yay Spring! 


  1. Congratulations on being published in the local journal!!! How exciting! And a nice surprise from your Aunt too! Sometimes we don't realize our own talents, and it's nice when someone acknowledges them! And for me... I have to write down a book! Blame sounds really interesting! Kind of like a Girl on The Train feel? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Had to run add Blame to my Amazon wish list. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Oh my... Blame sounds deliciously wonderful! I think it would make a great spring break read :)

    Congratulations for the recent publication - and kudos for submitting to the Iowa Review. You inspire me...

  4. Haven't heard from you for a while, now I know why. Congrats on being published. And thanks for the reminder that there is a lot to love.

  5. Congratulations on your publication! And Stephen King's On Writing is one of my very favorite books. Enjoy!

  6. The University of Iowa? Whoa...good luck and good for you for being brave enough to submit there.