Sunday, April 24, 2016

Flawless spring weekend!!

Time //  8:58

Eating // Nothing yet...maybe cheerios with brown sugar in a bit

Drinking // Three guesses

Weather // Beyond beautiful!! 75 sunny, grass already mown, tulips in bloom...ahhhhh

LISTENING TO // Prince...over and over. So sad. Moline is just a few minutes from here. Believe it or not, there weren't a ton of rumors flying about his stop there. Except that he got the 'save shot'. 

READING:// People of the Book ~ Geraldine Brooks

I'm not very far into this yet and I actually took a break from it to complete and audio book (the audio book was a d/l from the library and it has a 10 day expiration.) Sorry to say, I hadn't missed it very much when I was away from it.

Goodreads blurb: n 1996, Hanna Heath, an Australian rare-book expert, is offered the job of a lifetime: analysis and conservation of the famed Sarajevo Haggadah, which has been rescued from Serb shelling during the Bosnian war. Priceless and beautiful, the book is one of the earliest Jewish volumes ever to be illuminated with images. When Hanna, a caustic loner with a passion for her work, discovers a series of tiny artifacts in its ancient binding—an insect wing fragment, wine stains, salt crystals, a white hair—she begins to unlock the book’s mysteries. The reader is ushered into an exquisitely detailed and atmospheric past, tracing the book’s journey from its salvation back to its creation. 
Inspired by a true story, People of the Book is at once a novel of sweeping historical grandeur and intimate emotional intensity, an ambitious, electrifying work by an acclaimed and beloved author.

Watching //  I may turn the set on for a bit, but Netflix has been so disappointing with their new additions I rarely have it on. Got to share Jurassic World with my friend Audrey. She hadn't seen it yet, so that's always fun to see reactions to the end. She guessed all the plot devices exactly where I did. She's my movie twin. 

Music // Too sad to say much else... He was pretty Iconic in my life..What can I say, I'm an 80's girl. 

Blogging // ...but I think of you so often little blog, I really do!

Acquisitions // I've become pretty adept at using this handy dandy service provided to Iowa Library patrons. (not in Iowa? ask!! I'll bet your Library has one too)

I can download ebooks or audiobooks. I can open the files on my phone, aux cable in my car and viola... no physical acquisitions needed. 

This is helping me manage my over abundant collection!!

Hating  // Woke up with severe pain in my wrist!! I can move it, can't do my hair, can't type with my left hand... this is not good! I'm doing the RICE thing. It has to get better soon!

Loving //  20 days until my trip to....

Writing// is still going well but I had a small faux pas. I wrote about it more on my writing blog  I don't get over there to post very often either. 

Time... such a painful thing. 

Avoiding //   I finally decided to keep my house. I'm giving away my packing boxes. I still don't like it, but it'll do.  I'll give it 5 years. So now I guess I better settle in. Fix what I hate and make it mine.
Back to that time thing... I wish wish wish I had time to participate in..

To all you who did... Yay you guys!! To all of you who are did a donation in conjunction with pages read DOUBLY YAY!!

Hopefully I can get by some read-a-thon-ers blogs and do some late cheerleading at least. 


  1. Blogging? You're here now. Isn't that blogging? :)

    I didn't participate in the readathon yesterday but did my own readathon Friday when I happened to have off. I worked yesterday, though.

    Ireland? Nice. My wife has been there a couple of times. For our 25th wedding anniversary in five years, we want to go to Scotland.

  2. I really, really liked The People of the Book. It gave me so much to think about. I listened to the audiobook, also. Ireland? Jealous!