Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday before Christmas Salon

Time //  1:24 ~ how did it get so late already??

Eating // nothing..lots of popsicles in the house. 

Drinking // Coffee with Hazelnut creamer... I"m treating myself

Weather // Perfect!! I went shopping without my coat and was 100% comfortable


I haven't started this yet... I've been experimenting with silence in the car for a bit.

READING:// At Home in Mitford ~ Jan Karon
Haven't made much progress but still really enamored with this sweet book!

Watching // Netflix from time to time. My Youngest Angel is home after having her tonsils out at 20. If you've ever heard that it's harder as an adult.... believe it!!
She won't let me watch many Christmas movies which is killin' me!!

Practical Magic is the wrong holiday, I know... BUT it's still a great movie ;)

Music // Back to soundtracks... getting ready for the new Star Wars. 

Blogging // Better! And with ideas to boot!

Acquisitions // Nothing.. status quo which is very good!!

Hating  // That my baby girl is in pain. She had her tonsils out on Wednesday. Next day and Friday were ok, Friday night started nothing staying down. Saturday night we were in the ER. Bolus of fluids and a script for zofran and things are better. Still tons of pain during this stage.. the scabs are about to let go. I'd give anything to take this for her... Christmas will be mashed potatoes if she can and popsicles..maybe pudding too. 

Loving // Finding truly perfect gifts. Makes my heart sing.

Writing // Working on the book revision. Have a time to meet with an editor of a small press publication to submit an essay...fingers crossed y'all!!

Avoiding //   Same as last week....Setting up my office and actually doing my own A/P set up. I really need to be a better money steward. 

OH and I may have my trailer (which odd as it is to say, I very much loved!!) sold to the most deserving wonderful couple!! I wish I could GIVE it to them. Every meet people like that in just want to encourage them and bless them? I love these guys!

Like all of YOU!! I hope the Holidays (what ever you may celebrate) bring you much love, joy, and peace!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter, especially the tonsils, but also (way less important) not being able to watch the Christmas movies. Any way that you can sneak one or two in while she's resting? I hope so. :) Congratulations on the sale of the trailer...what is A/P? We're getting ready for the new Star Wars here too. Going to see it on Christmas. Woo hoo!

  2. We are planning a Christmas night trip to the theatre too :)
    A/P accounting speak for Account payable. I've been trying to ... I actually LOVE the hoaky Christmas romances. I can listen and work and not pay 100% attention but still be entertained.

  3. Hope your daughter feels better soon. The Holiday movie is quite entertaining & fun. Happy Holidays.

  4. Oh no, so sorry about your daughter. Anything that is in the way to the stomach is always a big pain. You cannot even eat to feel better. I hope the pain passes soon, especially in time for Christmas.