Sunday, February 23, 2014

An almost Tardy Sunday Salon Feb 23 2014

Well this may be one of the most quickly tapped out Sunday Salons I've done in a while. Despite the fact that winter just wont ease its grip, I'm heading into spring cleaning... mostly because I want to move... again. Gypsy that I am apparently.

so here goes..

Time // 2:46
Eating // Popcorn! REAL popcorn... I quit doing microwave about a year or more ago.
Drinking // coffee... which i DID leave in the microwave actually...brb
Weather // bright and sunny and cold, not awful tho.. earlier this week there was a Severe Thunderstorm warning and a Blizzard warning here AT THE SAME TIME within a county of each other!! so weird! It's hard to get people to understand the difference between weather and climate and the changes all being linked.
READING // Wake ~ Anna Hope
I got a little further in this... but then one night I forgot to take my computer upstairs (I'm reading this on an epub) and so I picked up a book that's been on my nightstand forever and have sort of fallen under it's spell... who'd have thunk I'd actually really enjoy the telling of

The original Mary Shelley FRANKENSTEIN!!

READING // Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson
A section or 2. A page or 2. Bryson always fits and is always great!

LISTENING TO // The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy
I'm going to switch this to print and pick a different book for my audio selection this week... especially since this one is over due!!
Watching // I watched The Hobbit again...
hoping that giving it a second chance would make me change my mind about it... nope. I dislike it immensely. 

World War Z, which I actually really really liked!! One of the few times I gave up and saw the movie before I read the book. My friend and her son both read the book first and both liked the movie better... Your opinion???
OH except the part where .... (highlight to read.. I'm putting the font in white because it's spoilers)
When the 2 heros and 1 ineffectual zombie survive a plane crash and then they walk a wee little ways and viola! the EXACT place they were trying to get to. But that's what makes it a fun monster movie :)
Music // Still listening to mostly Life and KLOVE. Lovin' the KLOVE and Toby Mac!
Blogging // I ACTUALLY had a post in between Salons!! too bad it wasn't book related :/ oh well, it's a start
Acquisitions // I borrowed a couple Bible Study/Sunday School books... The Story ~ NIV. The Bible laid out chronologically and as one continuous story and the curriculum book to go with it by Randy Frazee. I LOVE this sort of study!
Hating  //  Not being as 'portable' as I was when I was 20 and my life fit in my Firebird!! Relocating is SOOOOO hard!!
Loving // My new work with the Walk to Emmaus community..A Christian retreat of spiritual growth and renewal.

Writing // feeling so A.D.D. with my pieces and not getting much done on anything
Avoiding // today... cleaning. I should be going gang busters on this house!! Especially vacuuming!
So that's an over view of where I am this week. 2 goals for next week.. I'm doing a Joyce Meyer 3030 challenge. Study the Bible, not just read, for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.
And write 500 words a day. An old high school classmate of mine wrote an AMAZING blogpost about a progress chain that I need to revisit... You can read that here...

Cracking the Talent Code


  1. I didn't like the Hobbit either and I so wanted to. I'm not sure to hope for better with the second movie or not.

    Joy's Book Blog

  2. Glad to know that you are happy and healthy. The Road to Emmaus, huh? Are you working for them? a paid position? Tell me more.

  3. Yeah World War Z is a pretty good movie. I think the movie's likely better. Here are my thoughts on it at