Sunday, February 2, 2014

SUPER Sunday Salon!!

Heeeeeere we go fans and temporary fans... it's Super Bowl Sunday!

Yah, I don't pull that off very well do I? I actually don't really care and find it a tad annoying and over the top in gratuitous waste. But then I'm sure something I do is too.

So, to combat this madness... I'm watching every Eco TED talk I can find!!
Like this one...

Anyway.... on to the Salon...

Time // 3:12 p.m.
Eating // PBJ
Drinking // Coffee. Some things are just too good to change
Weather // because I just don't have enough people to complain to about the weather, I thought I'd put it too here... actually it's so I can see that winter will end. But not this week. Possibility of large snow this week. And cold. but not as cold.
READING // Doctor Sleep ~ Stephen King
I didn't mean to read this... I mean yes I meant to read it, it was a Christmas gift from my girls! And something I asked for, but I didn't mean to read it YET! It has me though.  King. Goes without saying.
READING // Wake ~ Anna Hope
This is a galley I requested off of goodreads and this is what I'm supposed to be reading and what I WANT to be reading. King. Dang him.
READING // Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson
I don't know what I'll do when I finish this and I don't have a daily (or there abouts) dose of Bryson-isms. :) I love reading this at a leisurely pace. 

LISTENING TO // The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy
Not getting very far on this, but I have to take a little drive next weekend so, if the weather cooperates, I'll get to listen to a bigger chunk then.
Finished  // A Wrinkle in Time ~ Madeleine L'Engle

Watching // TED talks. 
Music // Lots of Christian music this week.
Blogging // So... Whaddya think??? Does this make me look fat??
Acquisitions // Nothing this week which isn't always a bad thing!!
Hating  //  Still .....W.I.N.T.E.R. still.. why won't it STOP!
Loving // More good decisions and seeing my girls doing well this season!!

Writing // Not anything too productive. That really really must change!!
Avoiding // Bills. I am working on continuing to organize my office. 
Phillip Seymore Hoffman died. It's suspected that his ongoing battle with addiction took him. Why. :(
Big Big stuff coming up for next weekend for me. University of Iowa Dance Marathon, a student philanthropy organization, holds it's Big Event starting next Friday. Not only did this group help us so much when my daughter was sick, but they provide so many millions of dollars of help to ALL the families out there who have heard the heart-breaking news that their child has cancer. Last year it was 1.4 million they raised. My daughter is in remission and is a student now at University of Iowa. She was  a dancer last year and this year she is in a leadership position for Dance Marathon. It is such a success story... one I'm pretty DARN happy is OUR story!!
If you're so inclined... here is a donation link... or look to your local University. I bet they have one too and ALL the kids need the services Dance Marathon and Children's Miracle Network provide.

They need this help. After all, I know. And some of my friends know too, but their stories didn't end as easily. 


  1. I like(d) the Broncos too, but boy did they go out without much of a whimper, Ugh. Nice about your daughter and the dance marathon. Enjoy your Bryson. Cheers.

  2. Hope you enjoy Doctor Sleep. It certainly is very popular right now. I haven't read very many of King's more recent books. Sorry about the winter! :)

    My Sunday Salon: