Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Salon Feb 16 2014

Time // 10:37
Eating // Cupid Crunch!! Instead of Valentine's Candy corn, I used craisins though. My co-worker Julie is pretty sure it's made with crack too.

Drinking // TEA!..... nah just kidding, it's just coffee
Weather // inch or so of snow yesterday, quiet and sunny but cold today, ice and snow tomorrow.. rinse & repeat
READING // I really didn't get ANY reading done! It seems I'm suffering from the proverbial book hangover and after being so immersed in Doctor Sleep, am having a hard time getting my mitts into anything else. 
that and I realized that Odd Thomas comes out in theaters on the 28th and I loved that book so much and really really want to go back and re-read it before I go to the movie,.... but I cant FIND IT!!!! Having a lost book is a kin to not being able to find one of my cats... or a kid! (except the kids are off at college so Lord only knows WHERE they ever are!)
But I'm supposed to be reading....
Wake ~ Anna Hope
I keep reminding myself of how much I liked it when I started it a couple of weeks ago!
READING // Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson
Did a couple chapters in this and was thoroughly delighted!

LISTENING TO // The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy
I can't even bring myself to listen to anything right now.

Watching // TED talks. 
Music // KLOVE
Blogging // At least I'm consistent with the Salon
Acquisitions // It was dollar days at Goodwill. And I managed to bring home 3 books... that's ironic because books are always either .50 or a dollar! :)
Oh and this is Marci (short for Marcutio). who apparently wanted his picture taken today. He's so weird! One of my herd.

Hating  //  The way people are so quick to write off another person. We were sitting in the local tavern having dinner and watching the Olympics when a group came in, not regulars, who wanted to know if we were seriously watching that crap. we said yes we were seriously watching that (replay of the USA vs Russia hockey game) and he was like but the RACE is on the other channel. Well, sorry we said, we are watching this right now. He proceeded to throw an adult version of a tantrum and called us everything and went back to his table with loud protests of our witchyness (never could pronounce my b's) and what a bunch of bs...he said he should just go get his gun and , quote, 'shoot em and then watch the race'. Nice. classy. 
I felt so sad for his human condition that a difference of opinion meant justification to the ending of a life. I wish I'd have said it then, but I wish God's blessing on him and his friends and hope that God moves in him to soften his heart. I really do. How tragic.
Loving // Looking at opportunities.

Writing // Did some writing, but it sure didn't flow like I thought it would. So frustrated there.
Avoiding // Calling my step-mom. After my dad died, I just haven't had the energy to revisit all the grief. I hope she knows it's not that I don't care or think of her, it's just that I'm still processing mine and it takes all I have right now.
I'm getting excited for a few upcoming projects I'm involved in
April brings a retreat that I'm SUPER excited for!! And... during lent on Wednesday night we have a short worship service and then a dinner, and I'll be giving one of the sermons! It'll be my first as a Lay Servant.
May brings mother's day and our circle puts on the Mother/Daughter banquet and I have the program this year... Ladies of the Silver Screen... A Mother/Daughter banquet Hollywood Style :)
In the midst of all that, I want to read, and write, and hopefully see this weather turn to spring so I can get out and MOVE! 


  1. If I said I'm drinking coffee, I'm kidding too! :-) Wow. That guys at the bar was awful. All of that over a race?! He could have went home and watched it there if it was so important. People like that make me thankful that I didn't end up the same way. I learned better ways of talking to people growing up. I'm surprised he wasn't booted out.

    Your cat is gorgeous! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  2. I like the way you break down your Salon posts. Adorable cat. I didn't read as much either but so far reading a lot this year. Goodwill is such a fun place to find books.

  3. The Cupid Crunch looks interesting; is it any good? Too bad about the tavern experience -- what a bummer to come across people like that. take care.

  4. That incident: Sounds like he could have, possibly should have, been reported for terroristic threats, especially since he mentioned a gun loud enough for others to hear. What seems odd about his complaining in the first place is that do you live some place so small that he can't go somewhere else to watch the race? And if he was so into a race, one would think he would be watching it from the comfort of his home or his hotel room. Anyway, a lay servant? What kind of church do you go to, if you don't mind my asking? :)

    1. I was thinking it must be hard to be him... how exhausting to go through life angry and fighting all the time. I'm keeping him in my prayers actually. Yes there are 3 other bars that all would have had the race on actually and although I WANTED to suggest he go there, the place we were is a nice place but struggling and I hated to even suggest business go elsewhere...

      I'm a United Methodist raised, then rejected, then returned, now rejoicing :)

  5. How awful about the tv ragers! And how rude! Can you imagine actually saying what he did to you?! You handled it very well. Thanks for sharing all the good reads! AND the cupid crunch! Is that an actual recipe? If it is I NEED IT! ;-) Have a great week! Suzanne @ Chick with Books

    1. made a post with the cupid crunch recipe... but beware!!! :) soooo addictive!