Sunday, March 9, 2014

You can't do Yoga with a Head cold aka The Sunday Salon March 9th

Seriously... Cat pose just makes your nose drip.

Time // 10:43
Eating // Nothing yet. But gong to go get some oatmeal
Drinking // apple juice.. and coffee.
Weather // Shhhhh I think spring is trying to come here, don't scare it away!!
READING // Wake ~ Anna Hope
Still having a hard time getting into this, but I blame me and my add rather than the book. Too many distractions.

Even putting this on hold for a bit

READING // Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson
I do so very much feel like this is a part of most everyday :) 

LISTENING TO // The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy
Still haven't gotten any further on this... 
I'm seeing a pattern... I think I'm in a slump. I hate slumps. 

Watching // Nobody's Fool with Paul Newman and Jessica Tandy and many other GREAT actors.
I am enjoying this movie! Love me some character driven story!  And Bruce Willis is HOT as always. course it's an old movie. been out since 94.  I'd just never seen it. 

I think i"m in a movie slump too. 
Music // KLOVE and some good uplifting music
Blogging // I think I"m in a slump here too. But I do think of my blog all the time!!
Acquisitions // The slump is probably a good thing here. I've got enough for now.
Hating  //  Money. And unfairness. 
Loving // Had my overnight meeting with Emmaus. I shouldn't have gone as thats when my cold kicked in the worst. But I love it So So So very much!! This walk will be so renewing!

Writing // Would it surprise you to hear me say I'm in a slump here?
Avoiding // Bills. Peter and Paul are both looking a little lean

My  Joyce Meyer 3030 challenge is my favorite time of day actually.  
So my 500 words per day hasn't really gotten off the ground. But I've probably THOUGHT 500 words a day on it.
I haven't had a cold in oh at least 2 years and not this bad in about 5.  I hate being sick.  I so very much hope I didn't give it to anyone at my meeting. 
And what a meeting... I feel so uplifted and so energized... The retreat will be awesome. 


  1. You're making me want to see Nobody's Fool now! :-) I hope you get out of your slump soon. I'm in one too and it's no fun. Feel better.

  2. I think we are our own worst enemies. We put so many expectations on ourselves and then beat ourselves up when we don't stick with our original plan. I got a FitBit last Saturday and tried unsuccessfully to walk 10,000 steps a day to the neglect of just about everything else. One goal in another out. Sigh. Hey, have a good week.