Monday, March 24, 2014

Something Big... Something New!!

I haven't posted in a couple weeks now. But there is a reason.. I'm looking into doing something



But in order to even consider this New Big thing, I'm having to look with microscopic detail at my finances and make some HUGE changes.

One of those changes being my super fast home internet and home phone. The phone I couldn't even tell you is gone, but the internet.... Oh holy cow but I had no idea how ingrained in my daily life that little luxury was!! I need to hold out for awhile though.
Now? Well I use the library when I can get there, I don't have a smart phone either... No I don't live under a rock, I have college students... but I DO occasionally catch a clear signal from somewhere and hop on for a few minutes. 

A few agonizingly slow minutes. So no graphics or fun picks. But that's neither here nor there.

The point is, this is BIG enough for me to consider taking such a drastic step!! Must be something special... it is. It could be. I hope so!!

Welp, better not mooch the bandwidth too long. 

I hope to be back on to tell you more...


p.s. ~~~ is anyone really really good at writing business plans?? :)

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