Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014 Sunday Salon. How many books do YOU have?

Time // 8:35 p.m. on the 12th (but probably wont post until tomorrow)
Eating // Nothing at the moment but today has been one of those days. If it wasn't still moving it was fair game.
Drinking // coffee
Weather // Summer popped in to say hi. Waiting on thunderstorms. Then back to winter and snow Monday. 
READING // Wake ~ Anna Hope ~ Except I'm not. My galley ran out :(

Didn't finish this either... or  Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson

LISTENING TO // The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy
Never finished this either...
So I started 2 more I'm sure I won't get through too.... 

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. So far I enjoy it!!
So Long Insecurity ~ Beth Moore. I'm on the fence so far, despite having already having done some underlining. 

Watching // Odd Thomas!!!!!!!!

No more movie slump anyway! I LOVED this movie!! I thought it was ok close to the book. But I also adore Anton Yelchin! Nice pick for this too!
Music // KLOVE and some good uplifting music
Blogging // I haven't had time to think let alone write.
Acquisitions // I've been doing so extra close seeking of nice editions. I did stumble upon this the other day at Goodwill.
I've been interested in this one for quite awhile now! I'm so anxious to read it!
Hating  //  Making a fool out of myself...which I seem exceptionally good at. Boy oh boy did my first sermon ever go seriously seriously wrong!! :( 
Loving // opportunities. 

Writing // Nothing new here either...except my sermon. which was ok. 
Avoiding // still bills. and add taxes to that list.
The retreat (Walk to Emmaus) is complete. It went off BEAUTIFULLY!! I loved ever minute of my work behind the scenes. I miss my co-workers. It is such an amazing experience, as a pilgrim (someone going through it for the first time) it's world changing. As a worker, its hit-your-knees-in-gratitude reaffirming!
I am in the HUGE process of cataloging my books. Have any of you done that?? Do you use any particular program? I'm just using an excel sheet. Seems easiest.  People come in my house and are always like " How many books do you HAVE?" I'd take a pic but they are half in boxes and  half all over the place right now. No room in my house is bookless. 

How many books DO you guys own???


  1. I really liked Olive Kitteridge, though I didn't like the main character. See what you think.

  2. I'm halfway through... She is a unique individual! I don't like her and like her all at the same time. Maybe the rest of the book will tip the scales.