Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In praise of the paragraph.

Do you remember paragraphs? Remember having to write about 9 billion of them in school? Remember the cacophony of groans that erupted when a teacher would assign a paragraph! Personally I never minded writing paragraphs. I thought the concept was a cinch and I usually didn't have too much trouble corralling my thoughts into a logical succession of statements. I also enjoyed reading paragraphs. I even (gosh don't tell anyone or they'll think I'm a nerd) liked the structure!
     Well, I must admit there is an ulterior motive to liking the structure. I didn't fully appreciate the paragraph until college when I had to learn to skim-read text books. 1st and last became my mantra: first sentence, last sentence. The paragraph structure system got me through some core requirements handily! My fandom of paragraphs began. Then along came the internet.

And the beginning of the end of paragraphs. No longer is there classic structure to be found. No more topic sentence and supporting elements summed up in the end with a linking sentence beginning the next paragraph. Nope. Not now. That's too long now. That's too much text. You get comments like TLDR. (too long, didn't read). You get people you know employed the structure system to the whole post, first sentence last sentence, since that's what their comment is based on. If they leave a comment.

Not only are long paragraphs disliked in the blogosphere it seems, so are long sentences. Or sentences at all! Or long words!! It's cray! IKR!!

Now we want snippets.

And lingo...

And acronyms. Why I bet half the people who use acronyms don't know they are even CALLED acronyms because that's a really long word and they skimmed past it!!

Seriously though...

I actually do think the use of double-space between every



just a tad over done.
Occasionally I really can stand to have two lines of text right next to each other. Come on. I mean just trust that what you have to say is engaging enough that I will somehow, with great effort, muddle through an entire (gulp) paragraph! It wont hurt. Give it a shot. Topic, supporting statements, summery/conclusion, linking/transition.  It's a snap :)


  1. Great post! Paragraphs were/are a great thing. Sometimes, I think I go overboard in my posts because people aren't willing to read them anymore. And, I try to adhere to the structure, but when writing a blog post, it gets cumbersome. Stupid internet. ;)

  2. Good for you!

    You have inspired me.

    Next blog post will be made of full sentences.

    I will bravely try.