Monday, October 8, 2012


I've lapsed into another lull of late. It's not for lack of interest, I just haven't finished anything recently and no huge news, bookish or otherwise, has crossed my path.

Autumn is starting to pull the covers up earlier and earlier as we spin towards winter. I'm tired early and have a devil of time getting up in the dark morning.

Then there are the holy trinity of blogosphere buzz-kill: career, kids, and aging parents. In other words I've had my hands full the last couple of weeks.

Oh how I'd love to indulgently extrapolate on book after book read or to be read and get even more lost by reading what you all are up to, but I haven't even been able to lurk an what's been up.

(although I do have a couple movie screenings to write up and I'm back to watching some Dr. Who...which falls under the 'kids' catagory in the above list of 'keeps me from reading and blogging' excuses).

How bout you? Do you hit the 'life gets real' times in blogging?

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