Sunday, August 26, 2012

Super Sunday

It's Sunday... a time of introspection, service, recollection and planning. Or in this case The Sunday Salon. :)

I almost couldn't wait to post this ... I started my book club!! I'm praying it works out! I wanted to start very small but out of the 7 I invited, only 2 showed up. And they were my normal compadres I'd have over any night of the week. But the other invitees simply had conflict for that evening and intend to join in upcoming months. Yay!

And we are named!
That's us. A little libation to help jump start the conversation (pink muscato was a huge hit!).
First we will be reading the memoir by Joe Blair: By The Iowa Sea.

After that we get to vote based on suggestions. (and maybe books our library has multiple copies of since there isn't a book store within 35 miles of here).

It was a happy bookish week!!
I finished listening to The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

 - yes my first time too. I didn't know it was so tragic! sheesh! But I'm so enamoured with that era that I loved every stinking minute of it!! I'm dying to see a movie version now!
There are a couple of other movies in this era that are like comfort food to me, but the names escape me right now. (Not Titanic tho, although I like it, it just had that 'recreated' feeling that some of these others managed to escape.)

I also recieved my THREE books in the mail that I won by participating in the wonderfulness that is #fridayreads on twitter :) YAY!
And the boxed set is the Anne of Green Gables series. I got it at the GW boutique dollar day sale. And I might have passed them up, but someone touched them and all of sudden I had to have them! Like a kid who can ignore a toy until another kid wants to play with it!

Hope your weeks had some smooth prose or at least some poetic license! ;)   


  1. What a fun name for book club- love that you admit it's just as much about the wine as it is about the books :-)

  2. I've seen a lot of mentions of "The Great Gatsby" lately. I feel like I've read the book but I can't remember anything about it. All I have is a vision of Robert Redford in a white suit, so I must have seen the movie at some point, too.

  3. Hi! you should follow me back at :)

  4. Who narrated your version of The Great Gatsby? I have heard Tim Robbins did excellent.