Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dewey's Fall Read-a-thon!

Once again a read-a-thon has snuck up on me. I have to work, but since I now work in my bookshop, I certainly would have pointed patrons to this fun event! Ok. Putting spring on the calendar now! I am reading in honor of it.
If anyone else is reading this please please let me know if you're as amazed and in love with it as I am! ok or if you hate it and why.

If I finish this? hmmm what to go to next.
a lil non-fic for some research I'm doing...
I'm going to google it, but does anyone know if there's a write-a-thon? Oh yeah.... there is!

Not only is Among The Stacks (my store in case the billion times I've said that aren't enough) hosting Pep parties for writers, but I'm participating. Which is hilarious because I'd have to do 3 times the 500 work goal I've already set for myself and not consistently reached. BUT! I'll TRY!!

How bout you? Doing Dewey? Nanowrimo?
Off to open and settle in for a bit of a read :)

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  1. I always manage to miss Dewey and this spring isn't going to be any better since the date is my oldest's 18th birthday and I feel like it would be hard to ignore him to read especially since next year he'll hopefully be at college on his special day.