Sunday, July 20, 2014

A long over due Sunday Salon 7 20 2014

I've been so swamped with my plans, planning, and panicking that I haven't even gotten a Salon done in weeks!

Time // 5:29 
Eating // had some taco john's. 
Drinking // coffee...yeah. coffee again
Weather // Super Duper!! .... yeah! Again!!
READING // The Circle Maker ~ Mark Betterson
I'm enjoying this much more and as he explains his prayer philosophy in more depth, it seems less like superstition and just a deeper more involved way to pray. Now it seems a bit like begging, or it does for me to pray for what I want this way, Mark Batterson was praying for some God-Glorifying way so it seems ok for him to pray this way. Not that I"m not going to try it. If anything to increase my communication on MY end with a God who loves me and doesn't mind hearing from me, no matter what answer He has to give me.

LISTENING TO //  Wind In the Willows ~ Kenneth Grahame

 It's so heartwarming and adorable!!

FINISHED// It's been so long since I've blogged that I've finished two books!

I loved loved loved Odd Thomas. Forever Odd was ok but didn't have that flirty unique discovery to it. The one thing that DID work well for me... I've seen the Odd Thomas movie and thought Anton Yelchin was brilliantly cast. So for then whole of Forever Odd, I heard Anton's voice as Odd. Which was very pleasant I must say ;)
3/5 stars. While fun, it just wasn't that impressively memorable
I also finished listening to:

I'm still processing just what I thought of this. There were aspects of it where I had a terrible time suspending my disbelief. When I took those un-believable things and pushed them aside, I enjoyed it very much and especially the ending! I was actually taken by surprise by the post-plot-climax ending. Happily so. I think I'll try the movie on this one. Just for fun.

Watching // I had the great pleasure of watching 
May I just say this about this really enthralling flick: Jaren Leto. No no no, let me re-iterate... Jared. Leto. Not to mention Jared Leto.
but seriously, this was a super cool, thought provoking movie full of the exploration of the 'what-if's' we all go through when we wonder about our decisions. I could have turned around and watched it right over again...but mostly just for Jared Leto ;)
Music // oh I suppose like everyone else, I'm totally smitten by 
I mean really!! Canadian Reggae!!! Yes! Canadian. like cantelopes on these guys!!
I like the rebuttle video I stumbled on too though, why dads are rude..
(although as a Christian I wouldn't be puttin nobody, at the bottom of a lake...just sayin')
Blogging // At least I got this post done! other than that, there is so so so much I'd love to blog about, but I simply don't have time yet
Acquisitions // More acquisitions abound. My opening inventory on used books will be super interesting to say the least! I know I've picked up at least 100 more.
Hating  //  Not having any showings. Seriously! would you look at this 3 bedroom 2 bath house? It has a library and it could be your for under 100K. Nothing wrong with it at all!

Loving // How close I am to having my dream become a reality... a very difficult, costly, time-consuming reality, but it's my DREAM!!

Writing // After writing my full 35 page business plan, writing a novel should be a cinch!
Avoiding // Calling on Mom's stuff. 
Has anyone every suffered from a Migraine without the headache? I get disoriented, get HUGE blind spots, tingly, upset stomach yet hungry. The blindness lasts about 15 minutes. I feel wiped out for about 6 hours after. I've read on the net that this is actually a thing, but I've never met anyone else whose had it.
I have no idea how to move. I mean right now I have two places that I live and own. And I'm having a hard time moving from one to the other. I'd feel so much better if this house would sell, then I could simply move and not worry. I should stop worrying anyway. It doesn't help or do any good I suppose.
I wrote last time that I love the Tiny House movement..well low and behold there is a full fledged tiny house in my trailer-hood! :) I hope they are nice! I'd love to beg a look inside :)
Going to work on writing up my 'ownership' list. See how long it is and how much I can shed. no not PUT in the shed... shed as in get rid of.
I missed you guys!! but I have been popping in and reading your blogs, a few a day. So I'm around and enjoying all your discussions! 

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