Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Salon June 15, 2014 and general news

So let's do the Salon first...

Time // 2:26 and I'll be doing this in parts as I stop blogging to go pack and polish woodfloors
Eating // just finished some home made chicken & noodles.
Drinking // coffee... tibby just left... he followed the empty chicken and noodles bowl
Weather // Super Duper!!
READING // The Circle Maker ~ Mark Betterson
He says it's not, but it still feels like superstition to me. But I am giving being bolder in prayer a try; praying for what's outside of my ability to accomplish so that God would be the one glorified by the fruition. It also is making me examine my plans for too much selfishness. Which I am finding.

LISTENING TO //  Dean Koontz ~ 77 Shadow Street
 Almost done with this. It's dragging on now that I know I really, really don't like it.
Still working on...

Beth Moore's ~ So Long Insecurity ~ came back around to enjoying and appreciating this book. Even doing some underlining!

FINISHED// The Story but my review is pretty much what I commented on it last week so I'm not even going to bother. 

Watching // I just finished watching Tiny: A Story About Living Small. I liked it a lot and have much more to say on the topic actually. I didn't go down to a >300 square foot life, but I am buying a trailer for these exact reasons 
Music // Pandora had me in 80's 90's dance land last night... so fun!
Blogging // AWFUL!! I didn't even Salon last week, but I am super super busy trying to get this place primped, and working on the business plan.
Acquisitions // Oh dear...yes that's the other reason I didn't get the salon done last week. I overspent on books and bought 480 books for 90 bucks. I hope I can get my money back out of them in the store. There are some unusual titles... if anyone cares to be a Ninja, I can hook ya up :) I didn't get a picture before I boxed them up either. Rats. 
Hating  //  Well I had a swearing, ranting, kiniption the other day about what a slob I am and how can I live like this.. so I'd say the way I live. Which I'm changing. And I hope it helps. 
Loving // Thinking I may actually do this! I may actually put this together. I may actually change my life and hopefully the lives of my girls and other's. A Bookshop is a blessed thing to lots of people! Right?

Writing // Here's where my prayers get above my ability. Just because I'm trying to open a retail store does not mean I've abandoned my plans for the projects I'm writing. I want to do them too! And I believe, salable or not, I will get them written.
Avoiding // Mom stuff is always the answer. And reading... I'm not reading very much right now.
I have effectively put myself in position to reduce my living expenses from 7000 per year to 3100 per year. I am buying a 3 bedroom mobile home. I'll own it outright and only have to pay lot rent and basic utilities. (which will also be less... much less seeing as I had over a 300 dollar gas bill one month here).
I consider myself part of the 'tiny house movement' but I'm not sure tiny-housers do. I am super down sizing. I've become unattached to having too many THINGS. Things are sorta getting on my nerves. I do love a beautiful home, I do love a table-scaped table, I do love holidays and changing up decor. But I can do all this without boxes and boxes of things I'm holding on to just because I"m supposed to be. This was so & so's, this was a gift, this ...well no one knows what this is but it might be important so keep it! You know the stuff. And lemme tell ya 30-sumthin bloggers. It just keeps getting WORSE!! 
So I opted to halt the march towards hoarder-dom. I'm going SIMPLE. Small, economical place. Limited amount of THINGS. and books. But I even plan on rotating most of those. I would love to be able to list the things I own on 1 piece of notebook paper. Clothes and all. Hows that for a goal?
My daughter asked me yesterday when I became a hippy. I'm really not sure? But I was born in the 60s. Maybe it's just a latent gene :)
How was your week?


  1. We moved to a smaller home last year and are still purging, lol Hope you have fun in your new place!!

  2. If we can help, just let us know. I know you said you had stuff sorted out for family, so if you need that picked up anytime just call. Glad to hear things are moving in a positive direction for you. Love you.

  3. I might be a bit lost with what you're saying, but are you opening a bookstore? If so good luck!

    1. God and the banker's willing :) Yes that is exactly it! and thank you I need all the good vibes I can get!

  4. OMG, you're staring a bookshop? That's the DREAM for so many of us readers. I'm envious and I look forward to following along. My husband just mentioned the Tiny House documentary the other night. Now I have to watch it!