Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1 2014. Sunday Salon

My favorite week in the books.
This week was
I found so many awesome new blogs while being a cheerleader this year! And hopefully made some new blogging friends. I did only get to make it to one twitter party though which bummed me out because those are my favorites! 
My TBR pile grew again too... By several feet!
Congrats organizers for another successful year!

Next year I'll BE at BEA. (God willing).
Ok so on to the Salon....

Time // 9:24
Eating // nothing yet
Drinking // coffee... no cats..hmmm
Weather // Amazing! Hot & a tad humid (I love it) with afternoon thunderstorms (I SUPER love it!)

I'm not sure I get the point of this book. It's not narrative just some subjective paraphrasing. It doesn't contain any reference marks.. you know John 3:16. It doesn't better exemplify God's word or lessons therein, It certainly wouldn't help a baby Christian deepen their faith. I try to keep a spiritual study book going at all times to grow my faith and continue my journey... this isn't it. This seems a bit self serving actually for the authors to have compiled it so. I'm really disappointed in this. I'll finish it, but I won't be deeply seeking while reading that's for sure. 

LISTENING TO //  Dean Koontz ~ 77 Shadow Street
 So I was looking forward to "Odd Thomas" quality Koontz... unfortunately. This isn't that caliber of work. I'm starting to wonder... I Koontz actually 2 people????
Still working on...

Beth Moore's ~ So Long Insecurity ~ came back around to enjoying and appreciating this book. Even doing some underlining!

FINISHED// Notes From A Small Island ~ Bill Bryson

Review later this week... But I gave it 31/2 out of 5 stars. Mostly for length. 

Watching // I watched something the other day I think. Don't remember what... but something. 
Music // Back to K-LOVE
Blogging // Did pretty good through the week of compiling a post for the ArmChair BEA topics until the weekend, then got just too busy.
Acquisitions // My dear friend is culling her pile so she gave me some books for inventory. 
Hating  //  Money!!!!!! How can it go so fast and come so slow!!
Loving // Progress!!!!! Eryone be making progress!! Me especially toward getting the house ready to sell.

Writing // I thought of something GREAT last night but was too tired to write it down. I told myself I'd remember and I ALMOST do.... buuuuut. ARGHHH!
Avoiding // Mom stuff. It's hard having to balance 2 lives of stuff.
My youngest LOVED London... of course she did!
I'm trying to be patient getting things in line to go forward with my shop plans. It's like a house of cards. I never know what I should be working on at any given time. What should be first? Just when I think I know what to work on first, I realize I have to wait for something else in order to make that work... CRAZY! 
I'm trying not to get overwhelmed and I"m utilizing a lot of business savy friends. 
Securing financing would take away all the anxiety. 

How was your week?


  1. Just dropped by to say hi! Where are you with your hormone levels? When my hormones are out of whack I forget stuff, even important stuff. Just thought I'd mention it since you commented that you kept forgetting stuff. Have a good week!

  2. I kept adding books to my TBR during Armchair BEA, too! It was a little scary how many books I encountered that I really felt like I MUST read.

    My reading of Notes from a Small Island got put on hold while I devour Slated by Teri Terry -- but I'll get back to it soon.

    Love that your youngest had a great trip to London! I was looking at hotel websites and maps last night...getting so excited!

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. Laura, can you send me your e-mail address? You are the winner at Readerbuzz for my Armchair BEA giveaway! debnance at gmail dot com