Sunday, November 3, 2013

I just get worse and worse!! and oh so much better!!

Well despite the fact that I had had intentions of doing better about blogging, I just keep getting sidetracked!

Although I HAVE been reading! and actually stacking up quite a few more items on my TBR list that I"m Very excited to start!

but I have to admit, it REALLY isn't the books that have my attention divided... >:)

I think I'm going to give up on making resolutions in my life... yes, yes I am (although this sounds suspiciously LIKE a resolution - but anyway) Because...

I resolved to write more in my blog... to really flesh out the whosits and whatsits of the books I read... newp... not happening.

I resolved to pay down my debt yet every time I put something towards my debt bill, something else has come along that over shadows that and increases my debt actually.

I resolved to be the executor for an estate 500 miles away and then realized that with 2 kids in college and a mother in a nursing home with alzheimers, this just wasn't going to be feasible... or responsible of me to try to do..


I resolved to swear off of romance and dating... I actually resolved this twice... and low and behold... I met someone fantastic...
Which is, of course, the heart of my distraction!! And I'm glad it is so!! I'll get back into blogging soon.

One of the books that was added to my TBR pile he gave me as a gift and I can't wait to read it! Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian.

But back to the romance and dating. .. He's been to my house and he liked it, which wins points in my book because I loved my house.

and I went to his place and had the most amazing day!! He lives 2 1/2 house away and I don't even care!! He has the most amazing house!! Nestled in the timber and he asked for my help decorating it!! And he showed me around where he works which is a college.

Imagine walking along on a brisk fall day, hand in hand with the most amazing conversationalist as the sun shines, the sound of football wafts across the quad, and leaves flutter down like petals.! I was mesmerized!

And then I was smitten... big time :) and the more he talked to me, the more I smiled... and smiled... and smiled...

and I hated having to come home!

and it turns out we DO get to see each other this weekend

And I'll be smiling all week until he gets here...

can you kiss and smile?? just wondering!!

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