Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quest report - Thinner

It's a banner day when I get to report I fully acquired a SK Quest book.

The thing about a quest is that you're never really off of it. Even when you aren't consciously 'questing'. You still always look. That's how it is when I go yard sale-ing. Which I did this morning.  I was actually delivering a sale I'd made on an online but I also remembered that the annual Historical Society fund raiser rummage sale was today. So Audrey and I swung by. After all, its for a good cause, right?

Every year they have the layout for the rummage sale the same, so when I walked in I knew where I wanted to go first. Books. Always books. And as we walked in we were informed that being the last day of the sale it was bag day. All you could stuff in a grocery bag for $3. Score!

I was intending to just look, but then I saw this:
Now I've been awful about keeping my list with me, but I was relatively sure I didn't have this one and I KNEW I didn't have it HB. So I snagged it :)


I also found another copy of The Talisman, a paperback of Platos Discourses, The Jane Austen Book Club, and a book w/ cats...but that's  just me :)

It makes me happy when I find works on my list. And it makes me hungry to go find more!!  So if you hear of anything in the good ole midwest area... let me know :)

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