Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keep the change

During the sermon this morning the pastor was talking on materialism and stinginess. He used the analogy of Scrooge, and how no one would want to be known as a Scrooge. Heads nodded. Afterall, here is a man we all know was an atrocious slave to the almighty dollar... uh...Scrooge that is not the Pastor!

But wait, didn't anyone but me watch (or read) this story of the man named Scrooge all the way to the end? And I got to thinking...this is what's hard about our world. Once we've been judged one way, no one seems to want us to change, although they seem pretty up front about telling us how we 'ought' to change...

Back to Scrooge...he was brought to his senses, he saw the error of his ways. (dare I say he repented?). He became a benefactor to the Cratchit family, helped them raise their children and even saved the life of Tiny Tim...He SAVED A LIFE! Yup, that's Scrooge....

It was said of Scrooge that he knew how to keep Christmas better than anyone...think of what that means...does that mean his own house looked better? His Christmas Eve suit was the newest? Doubt it! He kept Christmas. You Go Scrooge!...

He became generous and loving, fun and amiable, but no one wants to remember THAT, they only remember the BAHUMBUG. A Bahumbug attitude that Scrooge had wholly (or Holy) left behind. Why should we keep sticking the "I'm a humbug" sign back on his back?

If we need to change wouldn't we want the old signs on our backs to fall away? To be seen for our progress? If we can't allow other people to change, how are we ever going to reach (by our words, works, or as an example) those whose wrongs are so severe, addictions that are ingrained and even embraced? If those who've never had the opportunity to see what relationship with God can do in a life only know about Church God through the words, works, and example of those who won't remember change, how will they ever know the other life and the JOY of it?

So I say:
YES, I am a Scrooge!! And proud of it. I have left bad ways and wrong living, I am trying to grow and change still! Let me!! And hey...COME WITH me!

You can be a Scrooge too!! leave that Bahumbug sign behind!!!

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