Friday, October 23, 2009

Time Traveler's and Stuck in Time

I just finished the Time Traveler's Wife. Unfortunately I got to finish it today because I'm home sick, me and over 80 kids in our High School alone with 'the flu'.

I'll be honest. I had a devil of a time getting into this book. It wasn't the writing, there were some passages in this novel that just blew my socks off and made me never want to plink out a scene on my computer or scrawl dialog on my yellow legal pad  again! It was the people. I just had a hard time caring. I think it was when I found out that Clare came from a wealthy family. I'm tired of that. Too Gilmore for me. By 3/4 through though, I loved them and was wrapped in this tale. And still felt the prose was incredible! Delectible - writing you don't plow through to up page count totals for 'challenges'. But like gourmet writing, to savor and experience. That's why I stuck with it and that's what gratified the whole process of  The Time Traveler's Wife. I gave it 4 stars. Highly recommend it, and yes, stick with it!!

Besides wishing I wasn't sick and knowing how slow time goes when I am, my realtor called and said that the buyer wants out of our sale contract. I knew it!! grrrr.  Oh well...C'est la vie. Another showing Sunday. It's just a situation where I need to re-set my sails (pun?) since I can not control the wind.

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  1. My friend has borrowed this at the library and said that it's the most beautiful book she has ever read! I so want to read asap, it just sounds so beautiful. Thank you for your review.