Sunday, May 21, 2017

Graduate, BA holder & Certificate holder's first blog post

Sunday before Christmas Salon

Time //  2:16

Eating // Oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries

Drinking // Coffee

Weather // Super chilly for May 21. My furnace is currently running.

LISTENING TO // All The Light We Can Not See ~ Anthony Doerr
I'll finish this today. I'm in that section that's all afterwork melancholy. The reminiscent part of the book.

READING:// Home ~ Marilynne Robinson
I am as much analyzing this as reading it. I hope Ms. Robinson wouldn't mind.

WATCHING // Netflix is keeping me busy. I ATE UP the new season of Sense8
 So in love with this show. 
I also gave American Gods a try since I've fallen in love with Gaiman, but I'm not as impressed. I need to read th book and then go back but I bet I'll think even less of it. 
 Music // Soundtracks. Time to write! Really really write! For my life!

Blogging // Meh, but I'm working on some ideas.

Acquisitions // I ordered 2 books. Rare for me, but they are necessary for my project.

Hating  // No comment today. too much.

Loving // Being a graduate

Graduation Herky was gone. but I got a pic in his place

Writing // I've a goal to finish first draft of the entire book by end of summer.

Avoiding //  setting things right now that college is done.

What  a wonderful week we had! I graduated without walking, and my daughter graduated and we watched her walk! Now she is off with the Chamber Choir on a tour of Italy, Austria, and a night in Germany. She's enjoying it and singing in those cathedrals she said was amazing. 
She's employed already so in August, we will move her to her new home out in Western Iowa. 
We will just have to wait and see where my degree takes me.  

In the meantime...whose hitting Armchair BEA???? So excited!


  1. Oh, forgot about Armchair BEA? When is that? This week? ...and congratulations, of course, on your - and your daughter's - graduations!

    1. You may have already looked this up... but here's the link

      I'm going to get registered now :)