Sunday, June 26, 2016

The days are too hot to have a cold...

Time //  2:06

Eating // Frozen Chimichangas

Drinking // water... just kidding... 

Weather // Hot Hot... still love it. From inside, in AC

LISTENING TO // Love in the Time of Cholera ~ by Gabriel Garcí­a MárquezEdith Grossman (Translator)
This just may be the book that breaks my slump. I'm so anxious to finish it!!

READING:// People of the Book ~ Geraldine Brooks

Maybe I can even get back into this one!

Watching //  Uhm, yeah.. I did Season 4 of Orange is the New Black in two days. Maybe 2 1/2. 

Music // Didn't really listen to anything this week. Didn't do much writing...any... Didn't do any writing. 

Blogging // Nothing new here either

Acquisitions // I got to go to one of my favorite bookstores ever.. The Haunted Bookshop in Iowa City. Great staff, humongous selection of GOOD stuff!! If you know Iowa City you've probably heard of the venerable Prairie Lights, but let me tell you Haunted is equally a Must Visit for the bookish folk coming to this literary town. 

I bought my daughter a paperback copy of The Stand (so she can finally get it read). I figured it was mandatory since she got to see him on his End of Watch tour. *which OMG! Stephen King doing a book tour??? She said he was FANTASTIC and if he wasn't a writer he could certainly be a stand-up comic. 

Hating  // Well not scoring a ticket to Stephen King for one. But I'm glad my daughter made it. She ended up with a boyfriend out of the deal, but that's another story... 

Loving //  Summer!!! Even though I have a summer cold. Going on 3 weeks now. dang thing. 

Writing// Didn't do too much. Will be doing tons this week!

There are a couple books that have come on my radar this week that I'm interested in checking out... when I get some time...

The first is White Trash. The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg.
I read the NY Times review and it really piqued my interest. And I haven't read a Non-fiction out of curiosity for awhile now
And the next book was:

First and foremost the Nobel Prize sticker got me. I found it on a blog post by bibliophiliac's Sunday Salon post. I liked the description of the experience she was having reading this book and the book in and of its self sounds superb!

But before that .... off to do homework. All 4 classes in full swing now. And getting well!! To much summer to be stuck down sick.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I visited Iowa City many years ago, for a summer writing workshop. There was a corner gas station with corn growing on the lot! And, yes, I went to Prairie Lights..... Hope you get to read and love Snow, and hope your summer cold goes away!