Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Juggling fail

Well I'd have to say I need to chalk the month of January up to a giant fail for my exuberantly penned New Years Resolutions.

I just didn't do such a good job at juggling! I honestly can not believe there is anyone anywhere that is bored! I have so much to do and dumb me, I just keep taking on more stuff.... and I know that's dangerous! To the responsibilities I have and to the people in my life and to me!

(ps- I don't know why I find that pic so funny, but it just tickles me!!)

I finished Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

..and for the most part I liked it. Except is it just me or was there nearly a trend of ADHD, Autistic, Savant, Asperger's, OC books. If not a trend, I certainly read all of them that were out there. back to back to back. And I liked them all, but now I get them confused. (I'm old..don't forget that part)

Then I turned around and did it again with a different topic. My daughter read Life of Pi by Yann Martel

and liked it and the movie was coming out so I decided to read it and aside from the cover (the tiger, the boy and the boat) I really had no idea what it was about. I was only about 25 pages into it when a business trip came up and on my way out of town I grabbed an audio book from the library...

The Alchemist. Without having the slightest idea what it was about. (I actually decided on it because I wanted to spend time with Jeremy Irons...or at least his voice!)

I'm starting to worry about myself!

On Deck is a book for our library book club...

Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews and I can not wait to leisurely devour some southern lit! It's my favorite the way fresh warm chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

My writing has taken a seat so far to the back I'm thinking of naming my muse Jim Crow. I thought of at least 2 deeply poignant writing ideas this week and they were so clear and so powerful that I did NOT see the need to write them down, after all they were pure genius and who would forget something that powerful and affective... well me. that's who'd forget (remember...I'm OLD). 47. you'd think I'd learn.

I'm stuck in Minnesota at the moment for my day job. I've got a burst blood vessel in my eye. I've never had that happen to me before. It sucks because it's not like you can cover it up. And I have a killer headache so it's time for a cool washcloth and closed eyes.

Maybe even some TV. haven't done that in a few days. Nah!

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