Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle - Finally!

This is an update to my Summer reading challenge.
 I just finished The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

This book slowed down my list quite a bit. It was 607, small font, pages and a challenging read in itself. A book about Toru Okada;  a man who lost his way professionally, then domestically and personally and finally began loosing his reality. But on so many other levels it was about so much more. Without a doubt it was about more than I could glean from it!
One of the challenging aspects of this book was the Japanese culture itself. Without knowing about that, I wasn't sure how I was expected to react to some of the more surreal happenings or deviant actions. Or what I was to think of the string of increasingly bizarre characters as they entered the story. The atrocity of war I got. Dysfunctional families I know how to react to. But sitting in dried up wells, psychic healing, unexplainable events... left me a little confused.
The wind up bird was likened to a bird that turned the spring of the world and kept it running. So more than anything what I saw in this book was a perseverance. A continuing. A going on. Despite the weirdness and atrocity and dysfunction of this world.

I hope I"m close anyway.

I'm celebrating this book tomorrow with Asian Chicken salad - lettuce, tomatoes, onion, chow mien noodles, slivered almonds, mandarin oranges, topped with oil, soy and brown sugar dressing.

Next up, by popular vote

I've no doubt I'll get through this one faster, even if I do read nice and slow and savor it....because I"m told it's worth it! Wonder if I"ll have to make Potato Peel Pie to commemorate this one when I finish it. We'll see!

But I'll have to hustle to get through my challenge. Except I don't want to hurry through them because they all look GREAT!

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