Sunday, July 12, 2015

My last pre 50 post

Time //  8:56 (just getting in under the wire)

Eating // Ice cream with chocolate syrup.

Drinking // the usual

Weather // Heading into a heat wave. I'm hoping for storms tonight.

READING - FINISHED // The Golden Compass ~ Bill Pullman

I used my BCC list to pick this one. I'll be doing a review this week on it. For a preview... 5 stars if you omit about 13 pages. with those 13 pages... 2.5 stars. Those are some pretty important pages.

LISTENING TO // Wool ~ Hugh Howey
Haven't gotten back to this yet. 


Some day I'll finish this. Some. Day.

READING:// Taking Leaps & Finding Ghosts ~ Janet DeLee
Haven't gotten very far, but what I've read so far is pretty fun.

Watching // NCIS

I've let a cold roll over into pneumonia/bronchitis. And while I was convalescing I found out that 11 seasons of NCIS are on Netflix. We actually owned DVD's through 7, but through 11? I was giddy. It may have been the fever. I'm on season 3 now.

Music // Haven't listened to too much. Maybe some planet 80's?

Blogging // Not as much as I'd hoped, but at least I did get some reading done!

Acquisitions // Well I had an accidental acquisition... I took out a copy of The Wapsipinicon Almanac.out from the library .. nice local printed, local written literary journal... beautiful little mag... and my cat puked on it... so now I own it.

Hating  // I've been sick since June 28th. First told viral, then recently put on Z Pak and this morning in the ER with pleurisy. Fun. Enough!!

Loving // I found a writer's group!! I'll blog more about this later. I'm so thrilled! On a side note I also found the most delicious iced mocha latte in the world!!

Writing // Have done some. Working on a short story that keeps getting longer. Came up with a couple other projects for the future.

Avoiding //  Posting some new items to my Etsy shop. For one the weather hasn't given me a good picture day when I could utilize it. I have books and vintage goodies going up.

Other than being sick... Still looking at where my path is leading.  With me it's never cut and dried.

Oh and I turn 50 on Tuesday... I'm devastated!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday... and I'M a feature! woot!

I am thrilled and honored to be this weeks featured blog on: 

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by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

I mean SERIOUSLY!! Could there be anything better for a bunny in the world than a blogHOP???

This weeks question, suggested by:
is a real brain teaser for me! 
 1) because i'm old as dirt and that's a long way back to thinking
 2) because I actually remember SO MANY!!

I mean I can totally remember reading this...
My First Counting Book

But for an ACTUAL reading book, one of the first I'd have to say was:
Little House in the Big Woods
I was given the boxed set as a gift. I still remember the fun of running on the prairie, of Pa going out in the blizzard, of any visit by Mr. Edwards...especially at Christmas. This book was my first experience in literary travel, where I felt like I actually WENT somewhere else, and some TIME else! 

I followed this closely by:
Little Women
Another gift. This is the actual set I found under the Christmas tree that year (no I"m not saying WHAT year, NO! they weren't new releases!! Don't get cheeky!)

I logically followed these up with other such reading as Edgar Allen Poe, followed closely by Stephen King.

No matter the genre, these books set up my love of reading!! 

How about you? How far back can you bend that memory? What book do you find when you reach way, way back??

Let us know and link up!


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